The ten-second video clip sells for Rs 50 crore, know what’s special

In October 2020, US-based Miami-based art collector Pablo Rodriguez-Fraill spent $ 67,000 (about 50.25 lakh rupees) to buy a ten-second video clip. If they wish, they can watch this video online for free. At the end of February, he sold the video for 66 66 million (about 50 50 crore).

The video is produced by digital artist Beeple. His real name is Mike Winkleman. Blockchain has confirmed this. ‘Blockchain’ umes the authenticity of digital content and authentication of its source. This is a kind of new digital asset called the Fungus Token (NXT).

During the corona epidemic, its popularity doubled day and night, as a large number of investors invested in content that only existed in the digital world. They cannot be presented again and again in different forms.

What’s special in the video
A computer-generated ten-second video clip shows a giant statue resembling former US President Donald Trump smashed to the ground. The entire statue is covered with slogans.