The tension around you also haunts the part of your woman, we’re telling you how

Something’s not going right in the bedroom these days! If there is plenty of time and together, but your partner does not feel intimate, the reason is stress. Most couples are having this problem right now. Vaginal health, especially for women, is severely affected. Tell us how stress caused by the Kovid-19 pandemic can affect your vaginal health.

Stress causes cortisol in our body. If these hormones protect the body during stress, its overdose can lead to many imbalances. This can cause pain, discomfort and infection on the part of our woman.

In fact, increased stress can harm your vaginal health. What you need to know

Stress Side Effects on Vaginal Health:

1 Abnormal discharge or enlargement of the vagina

For your information, please tell me about it Our vagina produces excretion to be swatch., It is a normal process. According to gynecologist Aruna Kalra, there are many different aspects of vaginal discharge that affect the color, odor or volume. Everything from ovulation and pregnancy to infection and stress can affect your vaginal discharge. So if you see more discharges than normal, it can be stressful.

2 irregular periods

You must have experienced it many times You stress about your periods And when they think they are coming, then they are late. This is because stress has a direct effect on your vaginal health and hormones.

Periods are not a worry to be unlimited, but if this happens again and again, you should seek medical advice.

3 Vaginal dryness

You may also experience vaginal dryness due to stress. In addition to stress, your hormones fluctuate. These include increased cortisol, falling testosterone, which is essential for your libido.

Because of stress, your body is unable to pass enough blood to the vagina. Because of this you may experience dryness and discomfort during sex.

4 declining pH level

To maintain a healthy pH level, your immune system can help control a variety of healthy bacteria. Who establishes proper harmony. Stress has a direct effect on your immune system.

Therefore, any changes in your immune health such as stress can affect the pH level of your vagina. This increases the risk of yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

Vaginal health

5 Risk of STIs and STDs

Stress can lead to sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, chlamydia trachomatis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and candidiasis.

This is due to decreased vaginal defensive response due to stress. It increases the risk of genital infection.

Frequent high fever can be a sign of urinary tract infection, understand why this happens.