The threat of Naagin 5 spin-off Kuch Toh Hai will be closed only after one month of being on-air.

Naagin 5 spin off Kuch Toh Hai may go off air: Not even a month has passed since Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural show ‘Naagin 5’ ended. As soon as ‘Naagin 5’ was over, the makers on-air its spin-off ‘Kuch Toh Hai’. Krishna Mukherjee and Harsh Rajput are seen in the lead roles in this supernatural show which started from 7 February. The new pair of Krishna Mukherjee and Harsh Rajput (Krishna Mukherjee and Harsh Rajput) have failed to entertain the fans.

The serial ‘Kuch To Hai’ has not been able to show anything special in the TRP list since its inception. Meanwhile, we have got such a news related to this show that you will be surprised to know. If you are getting the latest information, then the serial ‘Kuch To Hai’ is going to take goodbye from the audience soon. Makers are about to discontinue the serial ‘Kuch To Hai’ due to poor TRP.

Yes, you heard it right…. According to a Times of India report, the TV show of Krishna Mukherjee and Harsh Rajput is in danger. In the last one month, this show of Ekta Kapoor has failed to entertain the fans. In such a situation, the makers do not want to drag its story for a long time.

Let me tell you that Krishna Mukherjee has become Adinagin in something, while Harsh Rajput is seen in the role of vampire. The serial ‘Kuch To Hai’ is shown in the story of how a serpent gives heart to a vampire. Fans are not liking the pair of Krishna Mukherjee and Harsh Rajput anything special. However, ‘Naagin 5’ was highly praised.

Watch the promo of the serial ‘Kuch To Hai’

The pair of Sharad Malhotra and Surabhi Chandna were well-liked in ‘Naagin 5’. It is different that after some time ‘Naagin 5’ was also rolled into the TRP list. After which Ekta Kapoor gave the gift of Kuch Hai Hai to the fans. Soon, Ekta Kapoor’s show will be locked.