There is a severe snowfall in Texas, frost on fans and taps, do you know how life is going?

In Texas, America, people have more problems. Life is a bit difficult at this time. Blizzards are frequent in Texas, but this time the snowfall has increased significantly. Where the cold has increased considerably and the temperature is constantly decreasing. In addition to snowfall, icy wind is also blowing here.

The cold conditions here are ice freezing on electrical wires. According to official data, the state has lost 40% of its gas production capacity, with natural gas wells and pipelines and wind turbines shut down by freezing.

Meanwhile, dazzling pictures are coming out on social media here. In these pictures, you can see snow on the walls somewhere, then snow on the wings installed in the houses. Drinking water and water up to the tap is also frozen. Due to lack of electricity, people are forced to live in darkness.

Meanwhile, some people in Texas enjoy skiing. Travis McCullum, a Facebook user shared a video of him skiing on Interstate 10 in Houston. In addition, people are sharing pictures on all social media platforms.