This phone of Redmi suddenly caught fire, users shared a photo, you can never make these mistakes

A photo of a Redmi smartphone is going viral on social media. This photo was shared by Shiomi users, whose recently purchased Redmi Note 9 Pro caught fire. Although the user survived the injury, the sudden burning of this phone was a terrible sight for the user. Priyanka Paavra shared this incident with her brother on Twitter.

In this way, the user saved his life
Priyanka gifted her brother a Redmi note phone in December 2020 and tweeted that the unit was on fire on April 28. As his brother read about similar cases, he threw water on the phone and survived a possible injury. Priyanka shared two photos of the burned unit, in which the phone was badly burned. This photo shows that this phone is part of the Redmi Note 9 series. It could be Redmi Note 9 or Note 9 Pro. The smartphone maker responded to the tweet and asked for its details and promised to investigate the matter.

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Before that, there were many such cases involving Shiomi’s phone.
Shiomi told India Today Tech that her team is investigating the case and that the preliminary investigation was caused by external forces. He keeps in touch with Priyanka to solve the problem. Let me tell you, this is not the first time such a case is coming. The Redmi Note 6 Pro came under fire last year. The case is related to a local shop in Gujarat. At the time, Shiomi offered customers a new unit. Apart from Shiomi, there have been cases of fire on the phones of other companies.

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So you keep your phone secure
>> Always avoid overheating. If your phone is hot, it’s best not to use it for a while.
>> Avoid sleeping with your phone. Put some distance and sleep.
Do not leave the phone on overnight charging. Sometimes overcharging can cause problems.
>> Don’t use more battery-powered apps.
Never use a local battery on your phone. There are issues like explosion in it.