This scientist has been bitten by five thousand mosquitoes for research!

Mosquito is the ultimate enemy of every person who wants to sleep comfortably after coming home tired and tired all day. Let’s sleep comfortably and just lay a head on the pillow. Many people are saddened that this mosquito is a pet.

But, as a scientist knows, every day for his research, he is bitten by more than 5 thousand mosquitoes. Yes, Australian scientist Perron Ross gets bitten by mosquitoes for his scientific research.

As such, the mosquitoes that Ross uses for his research are not the same. These mosquitoes have a bacterium or insect called Wolbachia. This VOL is very effective in preventing dengue-borne disease spread by Baquia insect mosquitoes.

Ross, therefore, is raising this insect in the mosquito’s eggs. Therefore, Peron has pioneered this research in the light of the idea that the spread of dengue may be sprouting in the bud. As such, Perron Ross is experimenting with how effective this pest is against dengue by biting mosquitoes with Wolbachia.


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