Tips: Make Dhokla with these tips and make a soft and spongy market at home

Dhokla is made in Indian homes and sweet shops. This Gujarati dish can be found in every corner of India. Women love to make this dish at home, but the only complaint of women when doing this is that the Dhokla is not as soft and spongy as the market. So let’s learn about some easy and important tips to make Dhokla a market.

Tip 1
The most important thing is to do the Dhokla batter properly. Many women make the batter too thin, while some make it too thick. Dhokla is not done properly for what reason. Its batter should not be too thick or too thin. Make it so thin that when you put a drop of water in your finger, it floats up. This is the right way to judge the batter.

Tip 2
Once the batter is ready, cover it for 10-15 minutes. This sets the batter. Meanwhile, put the oil in the pot you are going to make dhokla.

Tip 3
Do not use baking soda to ferment the batter. You can use Eno for this. Once the batter is set, add these powders and mix well.
Mix well after pouring the eno into the batter, but don’t make it too long.

Tip 4
You can use dhokla stand to cook it. Or use a cooker and kadhai. Before making, place the containers on the stand, and add some water to it. Cover it well for 15 minutes. Check with the help of toothpick.

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