Top 9 Gangster Films Of All Time

Gangster flicks are one of the most popular film genres. People are fascinated by the life of a gangster for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s the temptation of power and fortune, or the excitement of living on the edge. Gangster flicks, for whatever reason, are here to stay. If you like gangster movies, you’ll want to check out this list of the best gangster movies ever made. These flicks are among the greatest in the category and will keep you amused from start to finish. So sit back, unwind, and enjoy this collection of the best gangster movies!

  • Goodfellas

The original story of Henry Hill, a small-time mobster who rises through the ranks of the New York Mafia, is told in this Martin Scorsese classic. It depicts Hill’s rise and fall, as well as those of his friends and acquaintances. It also provides insight into the day-to-day existence of a mobster. It stars Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, and Robert De Niro and is set in the 1950s and 1960s. It has also received critical praise and is regarded as one of the finest pictures ever made.

  • The Godfather

One of the most well-known and famous gangster films of all time is The Godfather. It depicts the narrative of the Corleone family, one of America’s most prominent criminal families. Marlon Brando gives a famous portrayal as Vito Corleone, the family’s patriarch. After Vito’s death, his son Michael, played by Al Pacino, takes over and becomes entangled in a power struggle with other families. For everyone who likes gangster flicks, this is a must-see. Furthermore, it is often regarded as one of the best films ever created and can be easily obtained via the pirate bay

  • The Untouchables

Another legendary gangster film based on actual events is The Untouchables. It chronicles the narrative of Eliot Ness, a federal agent who attempts to apprehend Al Capone, one of America’s most renowned gangsters. Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, and Robert De Niro star in this picture, which has an all-star ensemble. This is a wonderful gangster film to watch if you’re searching for something to watch. It is a fantastic film that offers a valuable lesson about good vs. evil and has some outstanding performances from its cast.

  • Snatch

One of the most underappreciated films on our list is Guy Ritchie’s flick. It stars Jason Statham as a small-time boxing promoter who gets caught up in a botched diamond robbery. Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro, and Dennis Farina are among the film’s stellar cast members. Snatch is a thrilling gangster film that will keep you entertained from start to finish. As a result of the film’s success, a television series is now under production.

  • Once Upon A Time In America

Sergio Leone’s film is unquestionably a masterpiece. It stars Robert De Niro as a former mobster from the Prohibition era who reflects on his life of crime. The film spans several decades and has some of the most legendary gangster sequences ever seen on screen. If you haven’t seen Once Upon A Time In America yet, you should do so immediately. It also features one of the finest soundtracks of any film ever made.

  • The Irishman

Martin Scorsese directs yet another mob picture starring Robert De Niro. The film The Irishman is based on the real plot of Frank Sheeran, a mob hitman. Sheeran’s role in some of America’s most heinous crimes, including the death of Jimmy Hoffa, is documented in the film. The Irishman, like Once Upon A Time In America, is a must-see film. It also sends a lesson about how power and greed may lead to a person’s demise.

  • Scarface

One of the most well-known gangster films of all time is Scarface. Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who becomes a prominent drug king in Miami, is played by Al Pacino. The film is packed with action and brutality, and it includes one of cinema’s most memorable sequences. Furthermore, the film boasts an excellent soundtrack with performers such as Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton. Furthermore, the picture is a remake of the same-named film from 1932.

  • King of New York

Christopher Walken plays a brutal mobster in King of New York who will stop at nothing to gain control. The movie is set in New York City, and there are some stunning vistas of the city. The cast is also fantastic, with Laurence Fishburne, Wesley Snipes, and David Caruso joining Walken. It has the ideal balance of violence, comedy, and drama.

  • Casino

Casino is one of the most well-known gangster movies of all time. The film follows a casino owner and his companion as they become entangled in the world of organized crime. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci have outstanding performances in the film. It also has a terrific soundtrack, which includes songs by Frank Sinatra and Robbie Williams. 


To conclude, the aforementioned are the best gangster flicks of all time, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you’re missing out on some fantastic cinema.

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