Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th October 2020 Written Update: Yashwant man caughts Malhar and his team

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The episode begins with Kalyani, which seeks her salvation as her goal in life and prays to Goddess that she will find courage and find her salvation before the end of the night. Ayoshabeb asks Anupriya to go for her test. Kanyani says she will take Anupriya and they both go to the test center. Kalyani gives suggestions to Anupriya and tells her that she can do it. Malhar meets Kalyani outside the courtroom and says they have tracked down the number and that it belongs to Yashwant. Kalyani says they can get tips from this guy and they both go to meet him.

Anupriya checks the paper. Sarthak poured water on her, she was shocked. Sarthak asks why she wants to become a lawyer and says she has only one hour left. Knowing that time is short, Anupriya writes her test.

Malhar and Kalyani reach that address and ask about Yashwant. Yashwant sends his people that they are in a Pune hospital because of the accident. Malhar and Kalyani leave while Yashwant is waiting for a firearm. Malhar and Kalyani think these people are suspicious and Malhar goes to check out Pune Hospital, asking Kalyani to stay in the place.

Knowing that we were threatening Mehraz after kidnapping Moksha, Yashwant informed him that Malhar and Kalyani would arrive at his place and I sent my men to Pune Hospital and sent them to that place and they went to check on him and we must evacuate before they caught us. The lady assures him that Kalyani will never get her salvation.

Yashwant’s daughter Swati tries to escape from marriage with jewelery and she runs a class with Kalyani. Kalyani recognizes her and questions how she can run away from her marriage after learning that her father has been admitted to a hospital. Swati is at my father’s house and arranging to marry me with some goons, which is why I am escaping.

Kalyani is about to be questioned but Swati throws Kalyani at her scooter. Kalyani feels that she is hiding something and enters the bride’s room and tells Malhar everything. Malhar asks why you went to the bride’s room. It is dangerous. Kalyani goes to check and promptly asks them to come and Malhar says they have plans but Kalyani’s phone is switched off.

The goons swam the door and when they have no answer they broke the door. Kalyani tensely wears a bride dress to escape from her. Goons say why she didn’t open the door. Kalyani manages to say something and asks her to take her to her father. Goons say Yashwant comes for Kanyadan and leaves after locking the door.

The goons tell Yashwant that Swati is in the room. Yashwant asks his people to conceal the name of Chanchan and tells them to get information when Malhar and Kalyani reach Pune.

Sarthak takes the Anupriya papers early and throws out the papers she writes failed and tells the welfare to show the papers. Sarthak calls Malhar and learns about Yashwant and Malhar project. Kalyani thinks of something and waits for Malhar to arrive. The goons take Kalyani to worship.

Malhar and Pawar change their clothes and enter the place as a cook. Pawar Sorry sir, everyone is busy with CM duty. Malhar says this is fine and they see Sartak coming in tempo. Sarthak goes to Malhar and asks what his plan is.

Malhar says he must make everyone unconscious and see Anupriya in a changed dress like him. Sartak asks what she is doing here. Anupriya says she came here after asking Sarthak Convo with Malhar and asked her to join her team for Kalyani. Although Sarthak refuses, Malhar agrees to join her. Goons ask Malhar and his team to arrange in the kitchen. Malhar asks to show water and other things. Goon takes him.

Kalyani prays for help from Devi Ma. Pandit asks the bride to leave the handwriting on the wall. Kalyani completes it and tells her to leave a handprint on the wall of each door. Pandit says it is not necessary but it is her desire. Pandit agrees. Kalyani gets the sound of a beep, indicating that her heart is beating fast as Malhar stands beside her.

Malhar thinks the bride has run away from who she is! Is Kalyani the bride in dress? Goon shows water to Malhar and takes him. Goon is going to go with the bride who says this is Yashwant’s order but she refuses to take him, saying she is going to the bathroom.

Pawar gives powder to Anupriya, which makes these people unconscious. Kalyani pulls Malhar aside and tells her about her plan to find every door. Malhar says this is dangerous. Sartak and Pawar make some men unconscious. Goon searches for Malhar. Malhar tells Kalyani that Anupriya and Sarthak are tempting unconscious men. Kali asks what Ai is doing here. Malhar promises to take care of Aai and asks her to be careful. Goon sees Malhar and tells him to work in the kitchen.

Malhar goes to the kitchen and tells them how many goons are inside. He asks Malhar about Kalyani by giving him juice mixed with sleeping pills to make Anupriya goons sleep. Malhar says Kalyani is in a bride dress. Anupriya becomes tension to Kanye.

Kalyani leaves the hand marks and looks for Yashwant. Kalyani and Malhar have not gone on their way to Pune so far and Yashwant asks his people to avoid observing Kalyani’s face in the CCTV footage.

Anupriya gives juice to everyone. Goon asks his men to juice their Malik in the basement. Kalyani thinks Yashwant is in the basement and is tired of going but the goons stop telling her that she can’t move anywhere. Kalyani sits on the sofa. Anupriya goes to her and asks Kalyani to write a message on tissue paper.

Kalyani writes and gives Anupriya and Anupriya gives the message to Malhar which shows the basement and backdoor. Malhar says that maybe Yashwant is in the basement and goes to get him. The goons feel dizzy. Kalyani moves from that place. Yashwant enters the room where Malhar breaks the door. Yashwant aims gun at him. Malhar tackles him and asks for the details of salvation, which puts Rope on his neck. Kalyani reaches the room.

The other goon enters the room and tells Malhar to target Yashwant and aim at him. Yashwant and Goonda make Malhar unconscious and Goons reveal that this man is Malhar Rane and tells him how he was holding his men at the temptation of mixing sleeping pills. Kalyani says she came here to check on her father after doubting that juice. Yashwant asks his goon to arrange marriage.

The other goons tell them that they are tied up in the same room, Yashwant asks Malhar to take him in the room and Kalyani asks if they are part of the people. Goon says yes than asking Yashwant Swati to come with her. Kalyani plans to find her own salvation and get married