Tujhse Hai Raabta 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Tujhse Hai Raabta 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Tuzse Hai Robtha begins the 21 November 2020 issue with hospitalization as a waitress and tries to change the report from her laptop as she gets a chance. She hopes to update Pillu and Sarthak’s DNA. She changes the report on the system and the lab technician gets there. Just as she was about to leave, she speaks up that the report has already been printed and is ready to send when the police officer arrives. She comes in saree to go and get reports. Peon refuses to give his report. Kalyani says that Malhar ji will be upset.

Peun gives his report. Kalyani will take the reports and leave. When she saw Avni standing there. She asks Peon to bring her a chair. Avni says she is going home today because of Malhar and her marriage. Kalyani is about to leave her house. They go out. Kalyani asks Avni to look after Malhar and tells him about his likes and dislikes and hobbies. Avni asks her if she cares about Malhar so much and tells her that she has been without her for 5 years. Kalyani says she got into the habit of taking care of Malhar ji.

They come home. Kalyani leaves false reports. Mukku says he does not want Malhar and Avni’s wedding to take place. Sarthak will come there and check the report, but Kalyani will not let him check the report and says this is his report on the issue of women. They say you would. Anupriya asks if this is a DNA report. Kalyani says yes and Havan is upset to see the fire. The sad song plays….

Mukku comes to Avni’s room and puts the napkin on her nose. Avni pulls out her front and asks if he is trying to kill her. Mukku says you don’t faint in pictures. Avni says if she doesn’t see that it is due to chloroform. Mukku asks her to write down her name so that she can become unconscious. Avni calls Sartak and shouts, asking Mukku not to talk to her, calling his street girl. She pushes her to the ground and Kalyani holds her. Sarthak gets there. Avni blames Mukku for trying to kill her and complains to Sarthak, saying that she is doing this under the influence of welfare. Mukku tells her that she has learned this in the movies and that she will never leave the police to marry her. Sartak turns the ear of Mukku, saying that if he had been with her by his children she would not have been ruthless. Kalyani warns Avni to stay away from Mukku.

Sarthak tells Mukku that he does not want to be strict with her and that is why he brought up Lehenga and handled her so that she would look beautiful in the marriage act. Anukriya says that she does not like to wear… When Anupriya stops her and says that she will be ready. Mukku says that if she knew about lehenga etc. she would not have agreed to this game. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she is helpless and tells Moksha to wear kurta pajamas. Moksha is right and tells you to stop the marriage. Kalyani says that is not possible now. Moksha asks her to wear a red sari and apply me makeup, then I will not try to stop this marriage. Moksha thinks that the police should marry her after Ai Phi is prepared as a bride.

Anupriya calls Ao Saheb. Ao Saheb picks up the call and asks why she is bothering her. She says she came to meet Vivek in jail. She ends the call and then asks someone to leave her. Avni is sitting for her haldi juice. She scolds Anupriya and asks about welfare, asking if she doesn’t come. Kalyani comes there wearing a red sari and asks what she thought would not come. Avni asks why are you so ready as I am getting married. Kalyani asks Anupriya to give her a haldi. Haldi will be applied to Kalyani Avni when her mouth comes and snuffs the bowl of Haldi with her hand Kalyani tries to get a bowl from the fork and Haldi falls down the bowl. Haldi glances at Kalyani’s face.

Precape: Sarthak tells her that the behaviorless girl cannot be her daughter and locks her in the room. Kalyani asks her to leave. Sarthak says I will take her from here after the marriage is over.