Understand how much compensation and salary available to central employees due to DA increases

The central employees have got a big relief on the front of the dear allowance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet has increased the dearness allowance by 11 per cent. In addition, it has been announced that it will also offer three episodes that have been discontinued due to Corona. This means that employees got two good news at once. However, once the love allowance is increased, let us understand the amount of salary an employee receives.

Understand Salary Wisdom: The basic salary of an employee is Rs 16,000. Now the employee gets 28% of the basic salary, which is Rs 4,480. This dear allowance per month. According to one year, the employee was paid a total of Rs.

It’s math
Base salary = Rs 16,000
28% Dear Allowance = Rs 4480 per month
Annual Self Allowance = 53,760

7th Pay Commission: Modi government’s biggest contribution to central employees, now 28 percent dear allowance

Last year, the government announced it would give employees a love allowance of 21 per cent instead of 17, but the increase was halted because of corona. The ban lasted until June 2021. But now, the government has decided to restore it. Along with this, the Pensioners’ Domestic Relief (DR) has also been reinstated. This decision will benefit 48 lakh 34 thousand central employees and 65 lakh 26 thousand pensioners.

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