UP Budget 2021: 10 Important Announcements of the Yogi Government for Labor on Hourly Wages

The Yogi government budget is being presented today. In his budget speech, the finance minister said that a new project called Mahila Samarthi is scheduled to be launched. The government said that during the Corona period, the government had brought 40 lakh migrants to their homes. It also brought back 12,000 students trapped in the quota. The contestants were also taken to their homes by Prayagaraj. “Our priority is to provide education, skills development, employment of the youth of the state as well as providing infrastructure and speedy justice to the people of the state.”

Let’s tell you the ten biggest major publications –

  1. 101 crores to Ayodhya airport, 2,000 crores to Jewish airport, Chitrakoot and Sonbhadra airport in 2021.
  2. A new lab will be set up in PGI. 9 Medical Colleges are being built. 1950 crore for this.
  3. 22 crores for health jal project and Rs. 2031 crores for sanitation. 1500 crores to the water life mission and Rs.
  4. A new lab will be set up in PGI. 9 Medical Colleges are being built. 1950 crore for this.
  5. Gokuldham will be set up in Varanasi. Atal residential schools will be opened in all sections.
  6. Workers will be paid hourly. 400 crores for inexpensive loan for farmers, budgeted budget for needy animals.
  7. The total budget for 2010-2022 is Rs 5 lakh 50 thousand 270 crore. The budget for 2020-21 is Rs 5.12 lakh crore.
  8. It is planned to provide employment to 25 thousand people in the textile industry.
  9. 300 crores for development of Poorvanchal region and Rs 210 crores for Bundelkhand Regional Development Fund.
  10. 2000 crores in addition to the regular gift fund to the legislators.