UP Budget 2021-22: Efforts to make equations for village, farmers and youth in election year

Everyone is taken care of in the Yogi government’s fifth or election year budget. The ‘Electoral Express’ can be seen in the government’s efforts to meet the expectations of each sector. Farmers, youth and women are given special attention in the budget. At the same time, development has been accelerated by putting a hefty amount for the express route. The budget has given a special message to work on the developmental mantra of self-reliant Uttar Pradesh along with public breathing announcements.

Finance Minister Suresh Khanna presented the paperless budget for the financial year 2021-22 in Uttar Pradesh Assembly on Monday. The largest budget, up to Rs 5,50,270.78 crore, includes new projects of Rs 27,598.40 crore. The fiscal deficit of the budget is estimated at 90 thousand 729 crore 80 lakhs. This time the budget was Rs 37,410.06 crore higher than the previous budget. That is why Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has described the state as a budget that includes the sentiments of the 24 crore people of the state. Suresh Khanna himself describes the essence of the budget of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in this lion …

‘This holy congregation finds a way of love, with plenty of rain on this earth
Mohammedar Sadar What magic is spread by the yogi.

Food vendor care, eligible students own a laptop
The ‘Self-Helping Farmers’ Welfare Scheme ‘has been launched to double the income of the farmers who were worried during the farmers’ movement. The Treasury has opened a water supply for irrigation, subsidized crop loans, laptops under a deserted scheme and a corona vaccine for good students. He has also launched a Social Security umbrella campaign to look after one crore workers, traders and traders.

The Yogi government will provide water to every farm
The government has paid huge sums to complete the irrigation projects that have been pending for decades. This will increase the irrigated area of ​​16,41,000 hectares and benefit 40,48,000 farmers. Moreover, by the year 2024, there will be a budget of Rs 15,000 crore to provide clean drinking water to all.

The government is kind to women
Even for women, gifts are no less in the yogi’s budget. That is why the ‘Chief Minister Saksham Suraksha’ scheme and the ‘Mahila Samarth’ project have been launched. Moreover, with the strengthening of the ‘Chief Minister Kanya Sumangala’ plan, all the eligible females will get the pills. Abandoned women also care in the budget. Lucknow has also received many gifts, which will then be developed near the electronic city of Juvar.

Trying to bring a smile on everyone’s face
Legislative elections are the target of the year, and there are challenges such as the micro-economic situation of the peasant movement and the corona crisis. In such a situation, the Yogi government has skillfully woven the budget plan, which is trying to bring dullness in the face of all sections. Moreover, there is an attempt to sharpen the cultural religious agenda. The confident Yogi government has expressed its intention to make Mission 2022 a success by putting these projects on the ground in about a year. Therefore, despite the corona crisis, it does not hesitate to open the treasury on priority projects.

Focus on youth and employment, 25 thousand jobs from the textile industry
This time, the health of children and women has been taken care of through a new scheme like the Sakshi Suchitran Scheme. The ODOP, CM Yuva Swarojgarh Scheme and Vishwakarma Shramma Samman and Mathi Arts Council have also been funded to become young entrepreneurs. In this way, the government has paid special attention to infrastructure development and connectivity to accelerate the economy of the state, but also to employment. The textile industry alone will provide employment for 25 thousand people. Education, health, women’s welfare, agriculture, irrigation, industrial development, tourism, regional development and every sector of the state are covered in this budget.

The expressway is now complete
The government has spent Rs 10,000 crore to reach the work of expressways. Of this, the highest amount of Rs 7689 crore has been allocated to the Ganga Expressway. With this amount, the land will be purchased for the Ganga Expressway. As a Gurukul system, a new scheme has been launched to provide free hostel and food facilities to the poor students of Sanskrit schools.

One university in each department
State University will be established in each section. The Yogi government will change the look of state colleges in the state at a cost of Rs 200 crore.

Ayodhya will flourish in Rama’s wilderness, Kashi is beautiful
The projects that make Ayodhya, Varanasi, Naimisaranya, Chitrakoot and Vindhyachal better and more beautiful have been paid for with faith, culture and ancient pride. Efforts are underway to bring the state’s rich ancient heritage to the global stage.