UP: Two girls in the name of Prasad poisoned the laddus and the situation is serious

On the way, two girls from the same household who left school in UP’s Sultanapur fed Laddus. Soon after reaching school, the condition of the two deteriorated. The two relatives who arrived were taken to the District Hospital. There doctors became critical, and doctors took him to the trauma center of Lucknow. The father lodged a complaint at the police station against the stranger. The matter being investigated by the police is related to the completeness of Gosain of Nauganvarayatasi.

Village resident Akbal’s daughter Shabana Bano (13) and her niece Asifa Bano (13) are students of the eighth grade of the Nouganvarayatsi area of ​​the Ikra Kulsum Memorial High School. About two o’clock on Monday, both students walked to school by bicycle. The distance from home to school is about two kilometers. The two had come a short distance from home, when a stranger gave a laddus of food to a female student. Soon after reaching school, the condition of the two deteriorated.

The head of the school, Sabil Ahmed, informed the family. Upon arrival, the family transported the two girls to the District Hospital. Seeing the worsening of the condition even after the initial treatment, the doctors took her to a trauma center in Lucknow. The principal of the road, Sabil Ahmed, said that the students had informed the school that someone had given them a Laddus. Currently, Akbal has lodged a complaint with a police station against a stranger. “This is being investigated,” said SHO Shastrajit in charge.