Update the new address on the Aadhaar card without address proof, and understand the whole process step by step

You have begun to live somewhere but so far you have not changed your address because you have no address proof. So there is no need to worry about it now. Your Aadhaar card address can be updated by getting a confirmation from your landlord, relative or family member. Let us know the whole process –

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Aadhaar card method without address proof

Step 1

First, the applicant must log in to the Aadhaar website UIDAI.

After that update the Aadhaar portal.

Enter the Aadhaar details of the person to be identified.

SRN (28 digit service request number) comes to your number.


The link will be sent to the mobile number of the Aadhaar updater.

They need to login with Aadhaar. And then you have to give your permission.


Login with SRN

Preview the address.

Write the local language if needed.

Submit your request.

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The applicant receives a letter on which a secret code is written.

Login to the Address Portal.

Please update your address.

Update your new address. Your address will be updated a few days later.

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