Variants of 10 card rummy and tips for a flawless win are here for you

Online games have now become a great source of pastime. Owing to the advent of different online gaming platforms like GetMega, Rummy Dangal, Paytm First Games, etc. people play a variety of games on their portals. These games can be both skilled-based and entertainment-based. One notable game featured on such platforms is the Rummy. The traditional form of this game is quite famous everywhere around the map. Rummy is a card game that is engaging, entertaining and skilful all at the same time. The online version of this game is equally good in terms of engagement, entertainment and skills. To make the game more fun, different versions of Rummy have been developed. One such version is 10 card Rummy

10 Card Rummy is the shortest version of the popular Rummy game that can be played by 2-6 players. As the name suggests, each player is dealt 10 cards. For more than 2 players, the game requires 2 decks of standard cards (53+joker). And for 2 players, one deck of 53 standard cards is used. However, this game is generally more fun with more than 2 players. The gameplay of 10 Card Rummy is similar to that of 13 Card Rummy.  By implying some accurate tips and tricks, you can win this game. Also, the game has different variants that ensure people can earn real money. 

Here are some basic variants of 10 Card Rummy and tips to win the games.

Pool Rummy 

Also known as Syndicate, it is a well-known version of 10 Card Rummy. This game is played by 2-6 players. All the players at the table “pool” money to win this game. The player who makes it to the last with the least points emerges as a winner. This variant can also be classified into 2 types: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. 

  • 101 Pool Rummy: In this form of Pool Rummy, the players drive their opponents to cross 101 points. 
  • 201 Pool Rummy: Very similar to 101 Pool Rummy, the players drive their opponents to cross 201 points. As soon as a player crosses that mark, he/she gets eliminated from the game. 

Deals Rummy 

Another famous version of 10 Card Rummy is the Deals Rummy. This game is fixed for a fixed number of deals like 2, 3 and 6. The number of deals is pre-determined for this game. Each player gets an equal number of chips before the game starts. As each round ends, the losing player must surrender his/her chips to the winner. At the end of the final round, the winner is announced based on their chip count. The player who obtains the lowest point at the end of the deal is declared the winner. 

Points Rummy 

The simplest and the most basic format of 10 Card Rummy is Points Rummy.  Recommended for beginners, this version is a single deal game with points. In Points Rummy, the value of each point is decided before the actual game. Once a player is declared as the winner, he/she gets cash equal to the total of points obtained by the player’s opponents. 

Tips to win in 10 Card Rummy 

Like any other Rummy game, in this game also you have to draw and discard cards. The player with the lowest points is declared winner in 10 Card Rummy. In this section, you will learn some skills that will help you make a skilled 10 Card Rummy player. To win this game you must follow some tips as mentioned below. 

In this version of traditional Rummy, see how other players are playing. If you see what cards they are playing, you will have an idea of their hands. Often seasoned players reserve their cards to prevent other players from drawing them. 

You should know all the rules of 10 Card Rummy. It is important that you get a quick idea about the value of the cards and penalty points on improper hands. Also, you must learn the rules of making melds and pure sequences to win the game. You can further refer to GetMega and read the articles on basic Rummy rules to get a better insight into the game. 

You must play often to understand the strategies clearly. Like the traditional Rummy game, 10 Card Rummy also involves a lot of skills and combinations. If you are a beginner, you must indulge in lots of practice sessions to master this game. 

Another great tip to win a 10 Card Rummy game is to play online. You can interact with various people at different levels if you play this game online. By doing so, you can pick up strategies from other players by observing their moves. The best online platform to play 10 Card Rummy will be Get Mega. This platform only allows real players and with its user-friendly User Interface, you can interact with people easily. 

So, if you have learned all about the different variants of 10 Card Rummy and tips to win this game, you should consider playing it to learn new skills. Also, remember to download the GetMega app to play various 10 Card Rummy contests and win exciting cash rewards. 

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