Viral Video: This batsman suffered a huge loss as soon as he hit the six, and the reaction became viral

You should have seen many defeats when celebrating a batsman after hitting a six, but after doing this, you have seen such a scenario in which the batsman sits on his head after doing his own damage. When the club cricketer hit sixes, the ball smashed into the window of his own car parked in the parking lot. Seeing this, the batsman places his hands on his head and sits on the floor. This video is going viral on social media. The video, which was taken during a local club match in Yorkshire, England, was shared on Twitter by Illingworth St Mary’s CC.

The match between Illingworth St Mary’s CC and Sowerb’s St Peter’s CC. Asif Ali of Illingworth St Mary’s CC was batting and he hit sixes. A sixer on a fine leg would prove too expensive for him, he would not have thought it. The rear window of the car was shattered. After this, all the cricketers and umpires on the field started laughing. Illingworth shared a video of the firing of St Mary’s CC Asif Ali and a glass smashed photo of his car.

Asif Ali scored 43 runs but his team lost by seven wickets. A similar incident occurred in August 2020 when Irish cricketer Kevin O’Brien smashed the window of his car with a shot. The incident happened during a domestic match.

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