Vote for Your Favorite Contestant, Farah Shares Her Story

As the episodes go on, the reality show of Indian beloved television dance is getting more and more interesting. We are talking about the best dancer in India which is going to be a beautiful show for the audience. As you all know that the show has a more crisp and unusual appearance and show, sometimes they wet our eyes and sometimes they force us to shout. We will tell you about the extraordinary and beautiful shows that will appear on your screen tonight.

You should all be on the swim that IBD has completed 36 episodes so far and today you will see episode 37 of the show. In today’s episode, you will see some crisp performances because today you will see the most beautiful Indian film director, filmmaker, actress, dancer and choreographer. Farah Khan is a guest for choreography in several Bollywood films.

In today’s episode, Aman shows that he will narrate the love story of Farah Khan and Sirish Kundru. Aman’s performance shows how Farah met Sirish and the love story began. Sony TV has uploaded a clip in which Aman narrates the story through his performance and Farah admires him and then she reveals her love story. Here’s a clip you can watch too.

The show features hip-hop and many more interesting shows. After watching all the shows you will feel over the moon. We want to tell you another thing that Nora has left the show because Malaika is back on set. The show episode begins with Bharti and Harsh hosting their funny stage and then the shows begin with excitement. Don’t forget to watch the show at the time. Stay tuned to get all the updates for this show. Stay safe.