VVS Laxman gave a unique suggestion on the toss to eliminate home comfort in Test cricket

In the Test series played between India and England, there was much debate about the convenience of home. Several former England cricketers have accused Team India of taking full advantage of home conditions by facilitating pitches for spin bowlers. Meanwhile, former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman has made a unique suggestion to eliminate home comfort in Test cricket. Laxman said the right to bat or bowling should be given to the foreign captain without a toss in the first match of the Test series.

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Speaking to Sports Star, Laxman said, “We have seen tremendous Test cricket over the last few years, so I don’t think any change in format is necessary. Always the home team takes advantage of home conditions, perhaps, in the first Test of the series, so ask the foreign captain what he wants to do According to Laxman’s suggestion, instead of tossing in the first Test, the foreign captain should be asked to bat or bowl first, and Laxman believes that home conditions always take advantage of home conditions, so why not give the touring team some comfort at least in the first game.

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The former Indian batsman said, ‘Certainly the first Test should allow the foreign team to bat or bowl. I have always enjoyed playing on foreign ground. He always pleased me and my teammates, but it was always challenging to do well in the first Test of the series. You have to adapt to the conditions. The advantage of home is in the form of a pitch to play a match, so any team that wins a toss will definitely benefit. So abandoning home advantage gives the overseas team a better chance of performing well in the first Test. You give yourself a good chance to fight the next team.

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