When Mahendra Singh Dhoni lost his temper after losing to Mumbai Indians, Shane Watson recalled old story

Shane Watson, who was part of the Chennai Super Kings team, recalled an old anecdote about Dhoni’s anger. Watson said how Dhoni lost his temper after losing to Mumbai Indians in the final of the IPL 2019. This is the first and last time Dhoni has seen him. Chennai lost by 1 run in that match.

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Speaking on the Star Sports show, Shane Watson said: ‘It was a big thing to reach the IPL final and play there, but playing in the IPL 2019 against the Mumbai Indians is huge. They had beaten us in both games before the final and we knew we had to put all our emphasis on the final. How was the final game played? We dominated them. The first time I saw that ball, oh Jesus, Dhoni lost his temper in the changing room, but it was a small anecdote at the time. ‘

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Shane Watson batted great in that match, but he failed to win CSK. Mumbai Indians have come face-to-face four times in the final, of which Mumbai Indians have won three. Mumbai holds the record for most IPL titles. Mumbai won the trophy for the fifth time by defeating the Delhi Capitals in the final of the IPL 2020.