When the Chinese army does not enter, why return? BJP MPs tighten their government

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has challenged the Indian government’s policy on China. Referring to an old statement from the Foreign Ministry, Subramanian Swamy said that when the People’s Liberation Army of China did not come within the limits of India, it would talk about repatriation. “Subramanian Swamy tweeted that it must be resolved first. The Foreign Ministry has previously said that Chinese troops have not crossed the LAC into Indian territory. He says this is now the government’s biggest diplomatic and military victory. Chinese troops have begun to withdraw from Indian territory. Can both things get started? ‘

Earlier, on February 15, Subramanian Swamy commented on the news of a deal to end tensions over Pangong Lake. Subramanian Swamy wrote that India and China have agreed to return to the situation before April 2020. Along with this, he wrote, “No decision has been made about Depsang yet. We have withdrawn from our position on Pangong Lake.” Subramanian Swamy’s opinion was also important because Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had also made a similar accusation against the government, saying he had decided to retreat to Pangong Lake.

Subramanian Swamy has frequently commented on the issue of China’s border. Sometimes their opinion is different and uncomfortable on the part of the government. It is believed that their relationship with the government and the BJP leadership is not smooth. Before that he had a different opinion from the government on many issues, including economic. However, he has never responded to criticism by the government or the BJP leadership.