While petrol-diesel prices are likely to rise soon, signs on ATF prices are on the rise

Due to the price of crude oil in the global market, the retail price of diesel and petrol could soon rise. This indicates an increase in the price of aviation fuel by 6.7 per cent on Saturday. State-owned oil marketing companies have raised the cost of aviation fuel (ATF) in Delhi to Rs 3,885 per thousand liters. ATF prices may vary from state to state due to differences in sales tax rates on petroleum. Companies have previously reduced ATF prices twice.

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This was reduced to three percent on April 1 and one percent on April 19th. Diesel and petrol prices remained the same for the 17th consecutive day. Petrol in Delhi costs Rs 90.40 and diesel costs Rs 80.73 per liter. Officials have suggested that diesel-petrol prices may be revised soon.

Crude oil prices are constantly rising

Prices have been rising continuously for the past four days (April 27), an official said. At the moment, crude oil is as high as 91 2.91 per barrel in Dubai. The retail prices of petrol and diesel are estimated at 60 per cent and central and state taxes respectively. Crude oil is rising in the international market despite the possibility that petroleum demand will be affected by the second wave of Kovid-19 in India. This is due to the strong demand from the US and the weakness of the dollar.