Why is it worth your time, money, and effort to get a CCNA certification?

If you are already working in the field of information technology (IT) or if you have just graduated from an IT programme, earning your CCNA certification is the best way to advance your career. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (often abbreviated as CCNA) programme is a certification for beginners that focuses on teaching the foundations of computer networking. Cisco Systems Inc., the undisputed market leader in information technology and networking, is the organisation that bestows this accreditation, making it highly regarded all over the world.

An outline of the CCNA training programme and certification

Candidates will be prepared for the dynamic nature of the information technology landscape by taking this Cisco networking course. The curriculum is intended to teach agility and versatility for the purpose of optimising and administering the most advanced networks in the world today, and it provides deeper insights relevant to the basics of networks.

Although there is no prerequisite for CCNA certification, Cisco recommends that candidates have at least one year of experience implementing and administering Cisco products and solutions. Although there is no pre-requisite for CCNA certification, there is no pre-requisite for CCNP certification either. In addition to this, you will also need to acquire the appropriate study material or participate in a CCNA training programme in order to have a deeper understanding of the theoretical concepts.

The CCNA 200-301 certification exam itself lasts for a total of 120 minutes and is offered in both English and Japanese. The following are some of the topics that will be addressed on the certification exam:

  • Network Fundamentals  – 20%
  • Network Access  – 20%
  • IP Connectivity – 25%
  • IP Services – 10%
  • Security Fundamentals – 15%
  • Automation & Programmability – 10%

CCNA Certification Cost & Training

Exam fees, the cost of study material, and the cost to sign up for training all contribute to the total cost of obtaining a Cisco certification. You have the option of paying USD 300, which does not include tax, or paying with Cisco Learning Credits. You will need to locate the appropriate literature in accordance with the topics that you decide to concentrate on. And finally, there is the training, which is of tremendous assistance in being qualified for the test.

Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions training is available from Cisco in a number of different formats, including e-learning, classroom training, private group training, and digital subscription. The cost of this training ranges from roughly $800 to $1,200.

You also have the option of enrolling in Cisco certification classes and CCNA training offered by How To Network, which will assist you in preparing for the CCNA certification exam by teaching you how to install, operate, configure, and validate fundamental IPv4 and IPv6 networks. This will enable you to succeed.

Notably, the certification is only good for a period of three years, after which the candidate must either earn 30 continuing education credits or pass a qualifying exam in order to maintain their certification status.

Why should I spend the time, money, and effort to get CCNA certified?

As can be seen, enrolling in a Cisco networking course can be both time- and money-consuming, leading one to wonder why they would even consider doing so. The solution is straightforward. so that your resume looks more impressive and you can command a greater wage.

Over the past few years, the world has been witness to a disruptive digital transformation, which has included the virtualization of IT infrastructure and the migration to cloud platforms. Even if there have been significant developments in the field of information technology, the first step in ascending the career ladder to higher-level networking roles is to have a solid foundation in networking with fundamental knowledge.

The following is a list of the annual salaries that, according to reputable sources, are typical for those working in the networking industry in the United States as of June 2021:

  • IT Support Specialist – 50,000 USD to 60,000 USD
  • Network Specialist – 64,000 USD to 70,000 USD
  • Network Administrator – 70,000 to 80,000 USD
  • Network Engineer – 80,000 USD to 90,000 USD
  • Senior Network Engineer – 1,00,000 USD to 1,20,000 USD

Therefore, once you have obtained the CCNA certification, all of your time, money, and effort are nicely compensated, and you open the gates for lucrative prospects in the future, making you a desired choice among the organisations.

How to get a perfect score on the CCNA certification exam

After you have come to the conclusion that you want to pursue the CCNA certification, the following step is to choose the training and study material that you will use and then schedule the exam. The next half year is the window of opportunity that provides the best conditions for taking the test. You will need to make time in your schedule for studying in addition to handling your other commitments. The following are some ways in which you can get the most out of your CCNA experience:

  • Review: Examine the topics included on the test to determine where your strengths lie and where more effort is needed.
  • Theory & Practical: You can take an online CCNA exam Preparation Courses, or you can choose to take one at a offline institutes, depending on what you think will work best for you. Ensure that the course provides both theoretical and practical information to its students.
  • Join Community: Participate in the Cisco community if at all possible. You have the option of becoming a member of the Cisco Learning Network, which grants you access to free educational content and videos, as well as the opportunity to participate in webinars, join forums, and ask technical questions.
  • Practice: It is imperative that you put your knowledge and preparation to the test by participating in various types of practise exams. This will assist you in determining the areas in which additional effort is required. In addition to this, hone your hands-on expertise by participating in learning labs, modelling labs, and using Cisco’s packet tracer.
  • Schedule the exam: Choose the format of the test that you want to take, either online or in person, and decide when you want to take the exam. Put some effort into it and make sure your shoes are tied.

Status: If you want to check your certification status, go in to the Certification Tracking portal.

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