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– Loss of a troublesome team in the World Cup final
– The ICC rule should be changed immediately

Abu Dhabi: Mumbai’s 48-run win over Kings XI Punjab in a one-off clash on Thursday has been a heated issue on social media.

Pollard faced the last delivery of the 17th over. Shami threw the ball to the left. Soon Pandya and Pollard went for a run. Shami appealed to the umpire because the umpire was out.

Upon reaching Pollard’s crease, the umpire requested a review of the verdict. At Ultra Edge, the ball was hitting the bat and going to the left. Then the umpire notout ruled. ALSO READ: How is the decision to tie in a Super Over?

The question is why?
The debate has just begun on the back of the umpire’s decision. If two batsmen did not run, there would be no problem. But here’s a run. Replay is also evident in the ball hitting the bat end. Thus a run should be given to Mumbai and Pollard. Cricket fans are questioning the BCCI and the ICC as to why they have legitimately run 1 but not given 1 run.

Former cricketer and cricket commentator Akash Chopra said that Pollard and the Mumbai Indians did not get 1 run. LBW provided. In retrospect it was confirmed to be Inside Edge. But he did not run easily. This rule can be a problem for a team if the beloved ICC is ahead of the World Cup. He wrote that we need to think again about this issue.

The idea of ​​Akash Chopra has been appreciated by the fans. What if the team needed 2 runs in the last ball of the World Cup final? The umpire is out and then the team is losing. The 2019 World Cup final decision is in line with the rule.

The umpire not out ruled after the batting team had asked for a review of the out, but the runs were not valid. Two batsmen are running at the same time as the umpire lb out. This run is not included for this reason.

Pollard, who scored 47 off 20 balls against Pakistan, was awarded the man of the match award.

What was in the World Cup cricket?
The final match between England and New Zealand at the 2019 World Cup was also a tie for Super Over. But England won the World Cup because it hit the highest boundary. In an important event such as the World Cup, the players were heavily opposed to the decision on a boundary. After criticism, the ICC changed the super over rules in February 2020.


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