Will West Bengal elections be the next target of farmers? Tikkite said that if the BJP loses, the Mahapanchayat wins

Along with political parties, farmer organizations are ready to jump into the West Bengal election riots. The Bengal elections are the next target of farmers who are campaigning against three new agrarian laws brought by the Center. Farmer leaders have announced that they will also convene in West Bengal’s electoral states. Farmer leader Rakesh Tikite has also said that we will tour the country and go to West Bengal. At the same time, one of the peasant leaders suggested that the public be asked not to vote for such people who are depriving farmers of their livelihood. Farmer leaders have said that if the BJP people in West Bengal lose, their movement will only succeed.

Farmer leaders told reporters outside Kisan Mahapanchayat in Garhi Sampal on Tuesday that they would soon visit West Bengal like many other states.

“We will visit the whole country, we will also go to West Bengal,” Indian Farmers’ Union (Biku) leader Rakesh Tikite replied. Farmers are facing problems in West Bengal too. They are not getting good prices for their crops. ‘

Speaking at the Mahapanchayat, Tikit said, ‘We organize panchayats across the country. We go to Gujarat, Maharashtra, other places… we go to West Bengal and have a big meeting there. The farmer of West Bengal is having some problems with the state government and the center. We will organize the panchayat there too. ”

Asked if the yatra was linked to the upcoming assembly elections in West Bengal, Tikit told reporters, “This is not so. We are going there with peasant issues.”

However, Haryana Bikku chief Gurnam Singh Chadhuni, in his address to the Mahapanchayat, appealed to the people not to vote for anyone who did not help the protesting farmers and not to support their agitation in the election from the panchayat to the parliament.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Tikite and some other peasant leaders, Chadhuni said, “To the extent of West Bengal, if the BJP loses, our movement will only succeed.” In West Bengal, people depend on agriculture. We urge the farmers not to vote for those who go there and snatch our livelihood.

Tikite said that 40 leaders who have come forward to campaign against the center’s agricultural laws will visit the entire country and support the movement. Governments are above the people and they have to accept the demands of the agitating farmers, ”said Chaduni. “We have to fight until we get our rights, which means we have to fight until the last breath.”