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World Photography Day:From underwater photos to multiple positions in one photo, these are 10 creative smartphone photography tricks

If you like photography, then today is a very special day for you. Yes, today is Word Photography Day. Photography began in 1839, 181 years ago. The Dogorotype process was invented on January 9, 1839 by 2 scientists named Joseph Nicefor and Louis Dogger. The level of both photography and technology has changed completely over the course of 181 years.

Now people shoot big events with smartphones, because the smartphone has become like a professional DSLR camera. In such a situation, you also take a photo from a smartphone or like taking a selfie, then here we are telling you about 10 photography tricks.

Take care in photography

Your smartphone has a great camera, then you do not need to do much in the photo, but the power of the camera is less then the quality of the photo can be improved with the help of apps. For this, many apps are also available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can use any application for this purpose. Also, while clicking photos, use the phone’s beauty effect, bokeh effect, color tone as well.

1. Actor one, character multiple

World Photography Day:From underwater photos to multiple positions in one photo, these are 10 creative smartphone photography tricks

We have given this photography trick the name of actor one, character many, because in this one photo you can see many forms or styles. Yes, panorama shots are used for this photography trick.

This is how the trick will work: Turn on the panorama of the phone camera and move the smartphone from bottom to top. That is, the phone will be moved from his feet towards the head. The object for this photography trick is to put your hands down first. As soon as the photo is clicked there, then the hand has to be turned 180 degrees, then move the camera up for a panorama shot. After this, the last is to capture both hands upwards with the panorama.

The smartphone has to be stopped every time when clicking this photo. With this trick, you can also click photos by moving from right to left or from left to right. Just the object has to change its position every time.

2. Selfie studying

If you like studying or want to show someone reading, then this will be the perfect selfie for you. You will need a book to click this photo.

This is how the trick will work: First of all turn on the selfie camera of your phone. If there is dust or other dirt on the lens then clean it. Now open the book above the lens and keep it in the middle in such a way that your face can also be seen with both its pages. If you want, you can look at the camera, or you can also look at the other side as seen in the photo. To make this photo more perfect, turn on the Bokeh effect of the camera.

3. Selfie in Selfie

In the same way, there are many more.

If you want to make your selfie completely different from others, then this trick will support you completely. Because with this trick you can show selfie inside selfie, selfie inside it as you wish. After a selfie click, it looks very interactive and creative.

This trick will work: For selfie with this trick you will need two smartphones, which should have a front camera. Now first you click a selfie from the first phone. Now open that selfie and take the selfie again showing it on the other phone. Keep in mind that your position should remain the same. Now open that selfie in the second camera and then click the same selfie from the previous smartphone. In this way, click the photo as much as you want.

4. Bean Height Photo Trick

The special thing about this trick is that you can show people of two different heights of the same height. Or you can show an object equal to or even larger than your height. Like, some chicken or length equal to you.

This trick will work: This trick is very easy. In this, the object whose length you want to show more will be like front and back. That is, out of the two people who have different lengths, make the shorter length to the front and the longer one to the left. After this, as soon as both the lengths of the camera start to look the same, then click the photo.

The entire role in this photography trick is of the angle. If the photo is taken from the bottom, then the object will look bigger. Similarly, any cock that is ahead and you are far behind it, then its length will be seen equal to you. Just take care of the camera angle in this photography trick.

5. Underwater Photography


People who do not have waterproof smartphones often complain of not being able to do underwater photography. However, there is also a trick for this, by which you can click photos inside and outside the water.

This trick will work: For this trick you will need large glass of glass, in which the phone goes inside easily. Now put the phone in the glass from the camera side. Then pour the glass in water so that it does not fill with water. Now you can click photos of things under water. Or you can also click photos from inside the water. By the way, this work can also be done with the help of waterproof smartphone cover.

6. Jumping Photography

This is also an amazing trick. On seeing its photo, it seems as if man is flying in the air. This photo can also be easily clicked.

Trick will work like this : For this photography trick you have to turn on your selfie camera and put a timer and put it on the ground. While clicking the photo, keep in mind that the top location is good. For example, a tree or building is showing upwards. Now as soon as the timer is over, you have to jump on the top of the smartphone. It rests on complete photo timing.

7. Stair Photography

We have given it the name of stair photography because in the photo it looks like you are walking on camera. When taking these photos under the open sky, it looks more interactive.

Trick will work like this : For this you have to stand on a ladder. Now you have to put your phone on the ladder and stand on the ladder above it. These photos will be clicked with a Fee Timer or Finger Jester. Now, one foot has to be taken slightly ahead of the ladder and bring the other in the air. After which the photo has to be clicked. Now this photo will look like the photo shown above.

8. Falling Photography

In this photography trick, it is shown that you are hanging from a building. However, in this photography you need acting. That is, you have to bring such an expression on the face, as if you have really fallen from a roof.

This trick will work: For this trick you do not need to climb any roof, but rather need to lie on a ladder. For this you lie on the top where the ladder ends and then grab the ladder. Now this photo will be pulled from the front. You have to put one hand on the ladder and the other by hanging down. There should be expressions of fear on the face. Now click the photo and rotate it.

9. Small thing, grow big

The special thing about this trick is that in this you can show a small thing by enlarging it. As seen in the photo above. The small favi stick looks big here. It seems that the boy has taken a big stick in his hands.

Trick will work like this : For this you have to sit a little distance away. Now you have to give such a pose that you are taking something in your hands. Now fix the small thing you want to show in his hands by bringing it in front of the camera lens in such a way that it starts to appear in that man’s hand. Then click on the photo to see the correct timing.

10. Tashan Photo

When it comes to photography tips, then it is also important to talk about the photo with the tushan. While this photo will be creative, seeing it, your friends will also ask how this photo clicked?

This will work trick: Clicking this kind of photo is quite easy. You have to turn your smartphone’s selfie camera upside down. That is, the camera part should be below. For this, use a height where you can also put your foot with the camera. Now make a pose like the pose seen in the photo above. To click this photo you will need to use a timer or hand jester.

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