Yeh Hain Chahtein 21 November 2020 Written Update : GPS hugged Mahima and cried

Yeh Hain Chahtein 21 November 2020 Written Update : GPS hugged Mahima and cried

GPS is sh-ocked to see Mahima and slowly moves towards her, and tells her that Mahima is sorry for not coming too soon. GPS hugged Mahima and cried for her. GPS says to Mahima why he was sentenced and did not return soon. Rudkraksh took Balaraj and Sharda to a room and provided them with personal space.

Mahima said she was helpless and that she loved Rajeev, but he was too weak because his wife did not treat her like a witch. So she was in a great depression, and she was living with the baby in her womb. Mahima says she has decided to forget Rajiv and join some classes, but she has no peace of mind. Then she met a doctor who told her to move from here. Then she went to Prisha for help, and during childbirth, she thought she would not live much, so she gave birth to Prisha as a child and died, but God gave her a second chance and recovered. And she was reluctant to return because her mental peace was not stable.

Mahima says she became mentally ill and started beating others up and causing them harm. And the doctor sent her to a mental health clinic, where she tried to hug herself, but the nurses blocked her. Mahima said for about six years she was like a dead body. Then her life took a turn, and she saw the picture of Prisha and Rudkraksh in the paper. And after seeing it, he told the doctor that he wants to recover soon and wants to meet someone close to me. Then she began to act normal and motivated herself to come to the real world.

Mahima tried several times to reach Rudkraksh, but she received no response. So she decided to meet her and came to YT with Yuvraj, and she was only there. Prisha thought in her mind that Yuvraj knew everything, then he did not inform her.

Mahima said she looked after Saransh and did not allow anyone to show her. Mahima said she had come back to Saransh and would not bother her anymore. Prisha was a little shocked when she heard this and was confused. Mahima said Saransh was only alive because of him.