Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17 October : Rubina’s heart is in Roshni

At the beginning of the serial, Aman is in his deepest thoughts, and Roshni comes to him. She talks to Aman with a sword and tells him that the one who stole your sword is looking at the Aman forces. Aman does not mind because he has no power and he is not the Jinnad king, then no black eye will come to him. And he lives a quiet life and only lives as Roshni’s husband and Arman’s father.

Rubina gives Khumru a sword power and asks about her heart. Hu umr says he was fooling her so she could do his job. He starts to go. Rubina stops him and tells him that this is not possible. Jumru says she can’t do anything now because he’s king. Rubina pours water from the Jamuni Falls on him and takes the sword and kills it. Rubina is happy to think that at least she has the power of a king.

Rubina remembers that she had to find her heart before the golden sun day, only then would she get her heart and she would be able to ionize. She calls Talwar and asks him to help her and take her to his heart. Roshni comes to Rubina’s house. She looks for Rubina, and the sword brings Rubina to Roshni, which makes it clear that she has Rubina’s heart, and she tries to kill Roshni. But three ions come and stop Rubina. She says she came here to help Roshni. Rubina says but she only wants to take her heart out with Roshni. Three Ayana says she gave Roshni a heart, and because Rubina’s fate is so bad, she doesn’t deserve her heart anymore. Rubina says even Roshni is not properly hired and can prove it. Teen Ayana says that if she proves this, she will stop helping Roshni.

Roshni is unconscious in a series of events, and then she wakes up. She looks at Rubina in earnest. Rubina asks Roshni how Moore ted. Roshni says the roof of her home has fallen on her. Rubina says nothing like this has ever happened. She was dreaming. Roshni looks at the mud above her and thinks there is definitely something wrong here. Roshni says this to Rehan and Shayri. They say they handle everything. Rubina goes to Kali’s cave with Natasha, where she free the fire-breathing giant. Rubina says this is enough to help her.