Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav ​​asks why you are so sad

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav ​​asks why you are so sad – The episode begins with Kairav ​​claiming to be someone like Mum. Kartik asks if that is your momma. Kairav ​​asks why she doesn’t come forward, I miss her. Kartik means you need your momma.

I don’t know Kairav, but she says I miss her. Don’t think like Karthik, I am under pressure to get your shoes swathed clean. Kairav ​​hugs him. Ridhima says the boys confessed their mistake and apologized to Kairav. Naira says I cannot come forward Kairav, but I always will. She shows her shopping to Ridhima. She asks Ridhima to try the perfume. Ridhima tries it.

She goes to the window and feels the breeze. Karthik comes home with Pushpaguch with. He sees her shadow. He gets the perfume and says, hey, amazing, I made the lion wait for him, its fine. He greets her and asks her not to turn. Ridhima asks for it. He says thank you for coming into my life, for accepting me. She remembers her husband humiliating her.

Kartik When I met you once, I was delighted, you left me sad, I wrote a poem for you, you may like it, here it goes. He reads his poetry .. I am nothing without you. She listened to him and smiled. If you like poetry, I want a reward, ”he says,“ I planned a date. He goes and holds her.

Naira applauds and says the poem was good but you read it in the wrong place. They say you are here, who is there. He says he is sorry to see Ridhima. Naira jokes. Ridhima says sorry, I tried the perfume. Kartik said okay, I’m already embarrassed, do you like poetry? Naira says a lot, if we didn’t get married I would marry you again. They hug.

Sudha gets the axis. Kartik embraced Aksu. Seeing Ridhima, Sudha makes a face. Kartik asks if you can take care of Aksu for a while, I want to take Naira with me. Sudha asks Naira to take her on a date.

Ridhima says I will leave too. Sudha says not to go back. Kartik and Naira say sorry. Riddhima goes to the door. Kartik asks Naira to come on a date. I’m excited, Naira says, where are we going? Kartik says we are going to my flat, flowers are for you. Seeing Ridhima say Naira is very lucky, I wish my luck….

Karthik brings Naira to her flat. She looks at the beautiful decorations and their pictures. Rahatin… plays…. She checks the gift. He makes her come to him. She shuffles away. He holds her close. They dance. They say I want the time to stop now. They say I don’t like being away. She says I’m helpless.

They say you taught the children a good lesson. She asks how you know, have you seen. My eyes are always on you, Kairav ​​says he is proud of you. I am proud of him, he is not afraid. He says he is your son, he is melting his heart, he may meet you and Aksu soon. She really listens. He says it all. She says I can’t believe this, I’m so happy I wish I could say the same to him, I can’t express how happy I am.

She says we will go to Ridhima, she will not refuse. He meets Ridhima. Ridhima asks why are you serious. Naira says we have to ask for something, Kartik would tell you, Kairav ​​missed me, credit goes to you. We now feel that Kairav ​​is ready, ”says Kartikaj. Thanks Naira, I can handle him now.

Ridhima shouts and argues with them. He is shocked and looks at her. Ridhima is not ready, I will not give permission, whether you want it or not, but I will not go away. Karthik calls Riddhima. Her imagination ends.

Karthik says we will meet him, Kairav ​​is missing his mum. Ridhima remembers Kairav. Naira says Kairav ​​should not feel that I care about him. Riddhima nodded. Kartik I told you, Riddhima does not deny. Make him meet Naira Kairav, but then be prepared to stay away from him, Ridhima says, more likely to lose him than win him.

They are shocked. Naira asks why are you saying that, Kairav ​​said missing me. He did not say that he should meet Ridhima, I am a ma doctor. Naira says the doctors are no closer to Amman, we find a solution, I have a plan, I have a request, think about whether Kairav ​​will miss Akshay. Karthik says day and night.

Naira asks if he wants to meet her. They say yes. Ask her if she wants to meet Aksu. He says it’s a good idea. She says I understand raising children better. Karthik Naira’s storybook idea also worked, we should try it. Riddhima says I don’t think I should get into this.

Karthik says I am with Naira, I will do this. They go to Kartik’s flat. Naira asks him to do it well. They argue. He says, I wish we could not go back to the starting point. They say it won’t. He says All the Best. He goes. She smiles. Yeh Rishta… .prayers….

P{recape: Kairav ​​asks why you are so sad. Kartik says I am missing Aksha, I wish she was here. Kairav ​​then call her, ask her to come here. Amma says to see Kairav ​​Naira….

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