Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 November 2020 Written Update : Kairav ​​was terrified

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 November 2020 Written Update : Kairav ​​was terrified

Naira and Karthik were returning home. Naira thought she should discuss it with Kairav ​​first, and she reveals it to everyone. Kairav ​​was praying to God, and all of a sudden Naira came up to him and politely asked how Wansh could feel.

Kairav ​​was not responding to her. Kairav ​​recalled how Naira had Baidu when she told the truth earlier, so we kept silent. Hearing all this, Karthik scolded Naira for blaming Kairav. Naira was urging Kairav ​​to speak the truth, but Karthik stopped him.

Naira said Kairav ​​was living and hiding something. Kartik tells her to trust him, and he loves Vanesha, so he does something wrong with him. Kartik prevented Naira from questioning Kairav. Karthik told Kairav ​​to go to bed without thinking too much. Naira sat somewhere and started to cry and recalled the incident. Carrick came to her and told her not to cry.

Kairav ​​was looking at the picture of Vansh and weeping for them and saying that Naira did not believe her and scolded her. Know that Kartik and Naira went to the hospital and the missing legs were not moving. Gayu began to request doctors to treat him.

Naira walks out of the room and cries in silence. Kartik came out and approached Naira and hugged her. Naira told Karthik that everything is going to be fine soon because they are in so much pain, so they cannot move. Naira said it was because of Kairav, and she saw him. His hand was behind Wansch.

Gayu was a bit shocked when he heard this. Naira was pretty sure Kairav ​​was hiding something from him. Naira and Kartik come in and Gayu goes missing from there. Gayu came looking for him, shouting Kairav’s name.

Kairav ​​was terrified. Gayu grabbed him tightly and asked loudly why he pushed Vanash. Naira and Karthik came there too. Ganu told Vansh that her legs were not working and everyone was shocked by hearing this.