Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th October 2020 Written Update: Final episode| A happy reunion of Abir and Meenakshi

Yeh Rishte Hay Pair K 18 October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Kunal trying to help her get dressed. He gets romantic with her. Kuhu walks away. Kunal and Kuhu decide on the baby’s name. Kunal asks the child to call him ‘Kunal’. Kuhu says a Ladako chokro is enough. Kunal says he doesn’t fight much. He realizes that he has accepted that it is Ladako. Jodie laughs. Mishti spends time with the baby there. Abir asks Mishti to get ready. Abir speaks to the child and decides his name. Mishti came and Abir looked at him.

Abir and Mishti become romantic and the child cries. Abir says the kid is now here to give their romance a break. Mishbeer laughs. There, Kendki and Kaushal Dandia come for the night. Nidhi rejoices. Ketki asks the baby. Mihsbeer rolls the baby. Today, Mishti prays to Goddess Durga to unite Abir and Meenakshi.

Next, Kuhu and Kunal give the baby a gift. Abir is delighted. Dandiya is special to the child than Kuhu Meenakshi said. Abir leaves the place. Mishti tells Meenakshi that it is beautiful. Then, dynasty Dondia. Kuhu pulls Abir. Mishti is staying with the baby. Kuhi Abir says Dandiya has no partner. Meenakshi stays away. Kuhu instructs Abir to dance with Meenakshi. Abir leaves the place.

Moreover, Meenakshi sees the chandelier fall. She saves the child and Mishti. Abir and others worry Meenakshi. Doctors examine the Meenakshi and ask the family not to be afraid. Meenakshi comes to consciousness. She asks the child and Mishti. Kuhu tells her that they are both fine.

Here, Kunal, Parul and Mishti try to make Abir understandable to accept Meenakshi. They try to convince her. Abir refuses to listen to anything. Meenakshi says that Abir does not come to see her.

Late that night, Abir goes to check on Meenakshi with the baby. He looks at her from a distance. In the morning, I will come and make everyone happy. I ask Meenakshi. Meenakshi gets bored when I meat. Next, I give Kuhu a baby. Mishti asks Kuhu whether she has decided on the baby’s name or not.

Kuhu says yes and calls him ‘Amish’. Meenakshi is named after Abir Dikodes. Abir asks Meenakshi to name the child and give it to the child. Meenakshi is known as ‘Amish’. Abir and Meenakshi reunite. The final installment of Yeh Rishte Hey Pyar K ends with Rajavansh’s group film. Abir stands with Meenakshi.