‘You are being unreasonable,’ Rubina Dilaik argues with Sidharth Shukla over kitchen duties

Bigg Boss 14 has begun and the second week went well. The contestants gave us an interesting performance by doing the tasks well. We also make some important matches during these tasks at home. Yesterday we witnessed a major quarrel between seniors Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan. They were good friends but quarreled yesterday due to the actions of Jasmine Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli. Today we see Rubina Dilek going up against the elders. Yes, we have seen from the first day that Rubina Dilek is a person who does not see herself as a senior or a newcomer, she imparts her opinion impeccably. A promo has been released where Gauhar Khan tells Siddharth that cooks should also cut but they do not. It is directed towards Rubina and then she says she cuts today and the others cook. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Sarah Gurpal Responds to Ex-Husband’s Accusations; ‘I can claim to be physically and mentally tortured’

Siddharth says that the cook should also do the cutting and there is no benefit to asking someone to do the cooking without knowing it. Rubina says if everyone has a right on this house they should work equally. She says cutting and cooking for 13 people is a great job for two people. Siddharth gets angry at Rubina and tells him that Gauhar has the right to decide on the kitchen duties and that she should remove Rubina and keep someone else. Rubina tells Siddharth that she is disrespectful and that she should be a stand-up for being an elder, and she calls him unjust. Take a look at this video. Read also – Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli or Jasmine Bhasin – Who do you think is the winner for Saman? – Vote now

Well, Rubina Dilek is emerging as a strong player and taking a stand for herself every time. Her personality is admired by fans. Also Read – Video of the Week: Siddharth Shukla Feeling Daddy Talking About His Father