You can read WhatsApp messages even after deletion, learn how

The messaging app WhatsApp gives its users plenty of features. One of these features is Delete All. With this feature, messages sent on WhatsApp can disappear. Your friends or friends may delete the message sent to you many times. However, sometimes we want to read a deleted message. Maybe there is something hidden in it, the person in front of us wants to hide from us, or something else.

Today we will tell you how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp even after deleting them on WhatsApp. For this, you need to download a third party app on your smartphone. This app saves incoming notifications on your phone. As soon as someone sends you a message on WhatsApp, their notification is also saved. The message can be read even after deleting the message.

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How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the Notification History Tracker app. One such application is NoticeSave. The app has received more than 1 crore downloads.

2. After installing the application, give all necessary permissions. The app needs to read notifications, photos, media and files and turn on the auto-start option.

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3. Once this is done, this app will start placing a notification log including WhatsApp messages coming to your phone.

4. Even if users delete a message on WhatsApp and delete it, you will still be able to read it in the ViewSave app. You will also be able to read notifications that have been swiped incorrectly.

5. One thing to note is that if you use the free version of the app, you should also see the ads. It also has a paid version, for which it costs Rs 65 per month. Moreover, the app can only retrieve plain text messages. Media files such as GIFs, images and videos cannot be recovered by this.

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