The Global Pandemic’s Effects on Businesses

It is now a known fact that we have all been highly affected by the pandemic that has now been spread worldwide for over a year. It made us change a large part of our everyday life and even made some of the things we used to do either illegal or impossible. Not the less, it has had a huge impact on several businesses, where many have been forced to shut down due to lack of customers or sick workers. But have some of them managed to become more successful in this situation? And could it be the springboard into the life of a business owner?

These times have made people wonder; are there some parts of the pandemic or the effect the virus had on the world that could actually be positive from a business perspective? While some businesses struggle because people can no longer visit physical stores, go out to restaurants, or travel, others have created an online universe and services that are thriving. It has also led to people wanting to start their own businesses and be a part of people’s life post-Covid.

A technological shift

As if the world was not technologically adapted before, these times have only shown how many parts of our day can be turned digital. This was an obvious shift as it could be a substitute for meeting in person. While conference halls and classrooms were left untended, programs like Zoom and Microsoft Teams thrived and became the new way to run your business or be educated in school. Many people have found these solutions to be highly useful and will most likely implement them in their life, also after the pandemic. Check out Zintego

This is for example e-sport, which is where gaming is being played on a professional level. Typical games like Call of Duty and Fortnite, are usually played on PlayStation and do not require physical contact like many other traditional sports.

Making the impossible, possible

While it seemed like most people found starting their own business during a global crisis like this was the furthest from a good idea, others saw the potential. The situation brought many limitations, but also possibilities and needs which are crucial for a startup. A general factor has been that more online solutions were desirable. Now we want something that can be looked at and purchased online to either help or entertain us. Typical examples are online resellers, consulting businesses, and marketing agencies. An online-driven business will have some advantages as online shopping rose 44% last year, and many people will continue their technological behavior, also after the pandemic.

However, it makes branding and marketing a bigger and more important topic, as there are so many providers out there. Not only do you need to be seen and heard, but you must also make a good impression and lure the customers in within a few seconds of visiting your website and social media. This is best done with a name that represents you as a business and what you are doing. Some people have this already before they know what to sell, while others use name generators for businesses, to help them decide. It is a great opportunity because it lets you know what names are already taken and what will suit your company best.

Delivery services, game stores, and fitness equipment providers are some of the industries that are thriving during the pandemic, as gyms and restaurants are closing, and people are looking for entertainment while in lockdown. While the pandemic has not been so positive for all businesses, it has sparked new ideas and solutions to problems we did not know we would have a couple of years ago.

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