4 Best Selling 12V Inverters From Luminous India That You Must Consider When Looking For A Home Inverter

Looking for a home inverter to protect your family from any unexpected power cut during this summer season? Well, if you are then this post will surely be of help as here we list some of the most popular 12V inverters from Luminous India. The reason we chose Luminous India is that it’s one of the most established names in the home UPS inverter space and they have a huge customer base of around 70 million-plus customers. So let’s get started without any ado. 

1. Zelio+ 1100

Famed as India’s most intelligent 12V inverter, the Zelio+ 1100 is an ideal inverter for running standard electrical appliances such as fans, tube lights, TVs, and other low power consuming devices. Also, it’s a single battery inverter that supports batteries ranging from 80 Ah to 150 Ah. The Zelio also offers a unique feature that allows you to switch the inverter between UPS Mode and Eco Mode. While the Eco mode is the default mode and it takes care of a wider input voltage range (90V – 220V), the UPS mode is turned on to run sensitive appliances that require a constant voltage range (around 180V to 260V).


  • MCB Protection
  • Intelligent UPS
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Sleek display showing power back-up time remaining and charging time

2. ICon 1000

Termed as the Next Generation Inverter, the ICon 1100 is a pure sine wave technology inverter with an inverter capacity of 900 VA and a Rated power of 756 W. It recently won the Golden Star Award for ‘Best Product of the Year’ and ‘Innovative product design.’ The elegant-looking inverter comes with a Pearl White-colored dedicated battery enclosure that adds to the aesthetic appeal of a home’s decor. The ICon supports all tall tubular batteries between 150-200 Ah and the best part is that these batteries can be easily topped up.


  • Fast Low voltage battery charging starting at 95V
  • Safe for children as there are no open wires
  • 24 months warranty on electronics
  • 3 large twin color LED lights representing inverter status – Green (Normal) and Red (Requires user attention)

3. Eco Watt XL Rapid 1650

The Eco Watt Rapid is one of the few inverters that can run heavy loads. It is a square wave technology inverter that has an inverter capacity of 1500 VA and a rated power of 1260W. The Eco Watt can be run on ECO mode and UPS mode. Its intelligent load optimization feature offers a twin socket output for both regular and power loads. And in case the battery gets deep discharged, you don’t have to worry about running to the vendor for a boost charge. That’s because the Eco Watt Rapid inverters come with an Inbuilt Battery Gravity Builder feature that allows charging of deep discharged batteries from the comfort of one’s home. 


  • Low Voltage Charging 
  • Supports Flat, Tubular, SMF and Local Battery
  • User Selectable Battery Switch for Optimum Battery Life and Performance
  • Twin Socket Output

4. Li-ON 1250 

The last on the list is the Li-ION 1250, an intelligent inverter that comes with an integrated battery. It’s a pure sine wave technology inverter that has an inverter capacity of 1100 VA and a Rated Power of 880 Watts. The inverter has a battery capacity of 1280 Wh and it comes with an inbuilt Li-Ion battery that has a life expectancy of up to 10 years. The battery requires minimal maintenance and unlike other batteries that tend to degrade in terms of performance, these batteries offer consistent performance throughout their life.


  • Inbuilt battery with 3X longer life, 3X faster charging speed
  • Compact size – Occupies 50% less floor space
  • Safe for family – No open wires. No toxic fumes. Zero spill risk.
  • Informative LCD display

Need More Options?

If you want to check out more such options then you should check out Luminous India’s online portal. There you will find a wide range of inverter battery options that can run both low as well as heavy loads. In fact, if you want to run very heavy loads like ACs, microwaves, heaters, and geysers then you must check out the high-capacity inverter series such as the iCruze, Optimus, and Power X. 

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