5 NFL players who fought back career ending injuries

The NFL, which has a large number of significant injuries in major American games, has shown resilience as many players recover from severe setbacks. When you try to compile a list of 5 NFL players, what are some reasonable reasons why their careers ended so quickly, which are considered acceptable criteria? Here the below 5 NFL players who fought back career ending injuries details.

5 NFL players who fought back career ending injuries

1 Alex Smith
2 William Andrews
3 Robert Edwards
4 Victor Cruz
5 NaVorro Bowman


Alex Smith: American football quarterback

After suffering a fracture in his right leg and fibula during a game against the Houston Texans in November 2018, Smith underwent 17 surgeries and remained through the 2019 season. He developed sepsis, a life-threatening complication caused by an infection, and had to wear a brace to fight his drop foot.

William Andrews: American football player

Andrews was admitted to the Falcons Ring of Honor in 2004, his number. He retired from the 31st team and is also a member of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame (1996). Where he lives: Andrews, 59, lives in Alberta with his 17-year-old wife, Gladys.

Robert Edwards American football running back

Doctors found that Edwards had torn ACL, MCL and PCL in his left leg. Even worse, he had an artery severed, causing internal bleeding. If the suture was not tied to his artery, doctors would have to amputate his leg.

Victor Cruz American football wide receiver

Cruise initially ruled out pain and the coaches later diagnosed him with a muscle injury. But as the pain continued, Cruise’s injury became more serious – a torn fascia or connective tissue in his calf muscle – and the news came that surgery would be needed by the end of the season.

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