5 Striking Similarities Between Honar Sunn Mi Hya Gharchi’s Janhavi And ‘Ladachi Lek’ Kasturi

Mitali Mayaker And a performance by Aroh Velankar Ladachi Mi Lek Ga Has gained popularity in a couple weeks. The show also stars veteran actress Smita Tambe. The show is in the headlines Because of its exceptional concept. It is the story of a young, bubbly girl who loves a doctor who works as a nurse and co-works. But this is a thriller for a reason! The doctor’s mother is Lady Dawn, who owns a set of knives and does all her work at gunpoint. Does it frighten the musk grown in a pampered house that has all its needs? We’ll have to wait to witness it but here’s another popular Marathi show that has exactly one hero in more ways than one musk!

The Honor Son Mi Haya Gharchi event was a favorite show of the people! Tejashree Pradhan (he essays the role of Shubra) Aga mouth Sasubai Now, the show has become a popular face because of it. This is why we think that Kasturi (Mitali Mayaker) is a Janhvi reincarnation.

. Her grandmother was tough with her because she thought she was less than Janhvi but Janhvi proved herself. Does musk do the same?

2. They both share a good connection with their good parts: Janhavi shares a good connection with Sri. She is connected with him on a soul level. And Kasturi and Saurabh share a great connection!

Source: E DEE 5

3. His Background: Musk belongs to a middle class family like Janhavi, who belongs to a middle class family and works hard to earn bread. They both marry in wealthy families.

Source: E DEE 5

4. Both of themLadachi Lec‘: Musk is loved by her parents and so was Janhavi. They are both the ‘apples’ of their parents’ eyes. Janhavi had a stepmother but in the case of musk her father loved her so much that her parents loved her.

5. Both of them work hard: As a musk nanny, Janhavi works at the bank and the ladies are working hard. If Janhavi works to raise her family, musk also works.