5 Sure-shot Tips for Betting on Cricket Today

Cricket is an uncertain game, and it’s tough to predict who will win a match on a given day. However, cricket betting has added a new dimension, making the game more inclusive. Let’s ponder over 5 success tips for cricket betting provided by fantasy cricket experts today.

Cricket today is played on a level field which gives chances for both participating teams to win, especially in the T20 format. These days, there is no one dominating team that can win every match in every condition. We have seen an associate team beating a full-fledged Test-playing nation on a given day. Cricket betting has added a new dimension to watching live cricket matches making life more intriguing. The popularity of online cricket betting is enormous, and making a profit can be tricky, especially for a rookie betting enthusiast. Let’s discuss 5 cricket tips that will ensure a better chance of success and help you decide on a safe betting range for yourself.

5 Success Tips for Cricket Betting 

  • Be Updated with cricket tour Schedules and Standings 

A successful bet on cricket today is entirely dependent on the players and team performances. Hence, keep a tab on the news related to the cricket tour schedules, the teams involved in the tour, and their current standings in the ICC rankings. Even though you may have a great understanding of the game, if you are not aware of the latest news and teams’ recent performances, even expert cricket tips will not save you, and the chances of losing your stake become very high. 

When two teams have equal strengths and weaknesses, say India and New Zealand, little things will make a difference, like an injury to a player like an in-form KL Rahul. If you are unaware of this news and believe that India is the favorite right away without analysis, losing a bet becomes inevitable.

  • Place a bet on both sides 

Cricket tips are incomplete without just reading one side of the story. For example, experts say that one team is stronger than the other in a cricket match, and you will jump the gun and put all your eggs in one basket, thinking that the other team doesn’t stand a chance. But, in a T20 or ODI format, one wrong decision can turn things on its head, and the lesser team can create an upset and win the match and make you lose all your stakes. Hence, to be on the safer side and increase your chances of winning, place your bets on both teams even though you have to use more betting.

  • Keep track of the weather 

Cricket today is played on grounds where the weather conditions affect the outcome of the match. Suppose India is playing a Test match against England at Lords. Traditionally, the ground is full of runs, but if there are overcast conditions, then the duke ball will swing and seam more, and the batting team can lose quick wickets in no time even though the pitch report says it is good for batting. As a cricket betting enthusiast, keep track of weather conditions and place your odds accordingly.

  • History of grounds and pitches

It is a crucial cricket tip you must keep in your mind before placing a bet on a particular team. Cricket today is dependent on the pitch conditions and the size of the ground. For example, at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, the pitch is flat, and the ground is small, and hence in a T20 game, you will find a 200 run score quickly chased. But, if you move to Chennai, if the curator makes the pitch dry, then reaching 150 will become a challenging task, and the chasing team might struggle to reach the target. Hence, pitch and ground conditions dictate the game’s outcome most times, especially if the dew factor comes into play. Hence, read the pitch report correctly before predicting the winner.

  • Keep realistic expectations and learn from your mistakes. 

It sounds like a philosophical cricket tip, but you need to incorporate it without fail. For example, sometimes a team may be on a continuous winning streak and look overwhelming favorites to win a match, and you have placed your bet on that team. However, suppose the best player of that team gets injured and suffers a loss, then you will lose your stake for that match. Cricket today is quite hectic, and injuries are pretty standard, so be prepared to modify your strategies and learn from your past mistakes.

Use the 5 cricket tips discussed above wisely and place your bets after making a thorough analysis, making online betting cricket today more fruitful.

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