57 lakh money discovery – DK Suresh What do you say now? – Indian News Live

– Indian News Live isn’t all that familiar
– As far as I know in Anna’s house there is no cash

Bangalore: Exclusive report released this afternoon on the seizure of Rs 50 lakh cash based on CBI sources. But MP DK Suresh, speaking before the CBI official release, said public TV was not well-known.

Asked about the issue of Rs 50 lakh, I did not get the cash as I know it at my brother’s house. Indian News Live has got 50 lakh. At whose house the money should have been told by Indian News Live, DK Suresh questioned whether Indian News Live had made a big mistake. Also Read: This DK Shivakumar Is Not A Frightened Son

In the evening, a CBI official issued a statement saying that 57 lakhs of cash were seized during the 14-day raid on DKC. This made the news reported by Indian News Live.

DK Sivakumar, speaking at a news conference in the evening, raised Rs 57 lakh. It was not clear what the cash was. Glad to get that hard work. I didn’t steal and shut up. I got 1.77 lakh in my house. My office could have cost the staff four hundred thousand. Two lakhs may have been found in Suresh’s house in Delhi. “I don’t know how many got in the city,” he said. I slipped away saying that I do not know what was found in someone else’s house

Earlier, addressing activists, Dikeshi said that the CBI had taken into account today’s attacks in my house, including punchy shirts and saris.


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