5760 new coronavirus infections in Maharashtra, 62 deaths

The total number of infected persons on Saturday rose to 1774455 after 5760 new coronavirus infections were reported in Maharashtra. The information was provided by an official from the state health department. He said 62 patients died from the infection on Saturday, and the total number of deaths since then has risen to 46573.

The official said 4088 people have been discharged since the infection was cleared in the state and 1647004 Kovid-19 patients have been cured so far. He said there are currently 79873 patients undergoing treatment in the state. With the arrival of 1093 new patients to Mumbai, Covid-19 cases rose to 274579. Another 10,656 patients died from the infection, which is the cause of 17 more deaths in the city.

10120470 samples have been tested in the state so far. In 1977, the Mumbai Division of Coronavirus cases from Mumbai and its neighboring cities increased to 615499. In this category 18485 patients of Kovid-19 have died. As of Saturday, there were 4,44,534 cases of Kovid-19 in Pune, while 10,493 people died due to the virus. In the Nashik category, the epidemic has risen to 2,38,660 and 4470 patients have died so far.

The number of cases of coronavirus has risen to 1,12,172 in the Kolhapur division, which has so far claimed 3900 lives. Kovid-19 cases rose to 66,169 in the U Rangabad section on Saturday, with 1,678 patients losing their lives so far. In Latur, Kovid-19 cases were 73,149 on Saturday, while 2236 patients have died so far. 56,439 cases of coronavirus virus have been reported in the Akola category, and 1332 people have died so far. In the Nagpur section, on Saturday, 1,65,857 people were infected and 3819 people died of the disease.