7th Pay Commission: The Government has told Parliament whether the base salary of central employees will be increased after DA and DR

7th Pay Commission: The central government reinstated the central employees ’DA and DR in July. In this regard, orders have also been issued by the departments. In such a situation, the question now arises as to whether the government will increase basic pay when giving another gift to the central employees. On this issue, it has been stated that the Government is not going to raise basic salaries in Parliament yet.

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The Finance Minister said this in Parliament

Currently the Monsoon Session of Parliament is underway. In this, members of the Ministry of Finance asked the question, ‘In terms of the fitment element of the Seventh Finance Commission, does the government increase the basic salary of central employees after the DA and DR?’ Answering this question, Finance Minister Pankaj Chaudhary said on July 28 that he was not considering any such scheme.

The salary will be increased in September

Central employees are currently receiving 17 percent DA. But after the government’s new mandate, the DA will now be available from July 1 to 28 percent. The increased DA will be available at the September salary. Let us tell you that the DA and DR were discontinued last year due to corona. Due to this the central employees are not paid three installments DA and DR.

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HRA is also high

The government has increased the central employee’s home rent allowance to 27%. As a rule, if the Dearness allowance exceeds 25, then the HRA will increase. Because of this rule, the employee’s HRA has also increased.

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