A 20-year-old Indian girl who hacked a neighbor’s WiFi has found a bug in Microsoft, worth Rs 22 lakh

The girl has revealed a major flaw in the Delhi Microsoft system. He has been awarded millions of rupees for this amazing achievement. Ethical hacker Aditi Singh has won Microsoft $ 30,000 (approx. 22 lakhs) for detecting a bug in Azure Cloud Systems. Aditi has discovered this second major error two months ago after a similar error on Facebook. According to a report by India Today, this time, Aditi discovered remote code execution (RCE) error in Microsoft’s Azure cloud system.

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Similar bugs are found in Microsoft and Facebook

Aditi discovered the RCE bug in Microsoft Azure two months ago and told the company about it. But the company did not immediately respond as it waited to check if anyone downloaded an insecure version of the system. According to Aditi, the same remote code execution bug was found in both companies. This can prove very lethal for the company. This bug is brand new and not easily detected.

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Aditi has created a history of finding bugs in this way

Aditi talked about how she got involved in ethical hacking, a field she has been working on for the past two years. Aditi’s first hacking experience is being able to hack into his neighbor’s Wi-Fi password. While she was preparing for her medical entrance exam, she became interested in ethical hacking. Aditi has found flaws in more than 40 companies including Facebook, Ticktack, Microsoft, Mozilla, PayTM, Ethereum and HP. Aditi said that after discovering an OTP bypass error in ticktalk’s forgotten password system, moral hacking became certain. Let’s say Aditi Singh has also received a reward of Rs 5.5 lakh from Facebook.

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