A great feature on WhatsApp, chatting happens even when the phone is turned off

WhatsApp users have great news. The feature that users were eagerly waiting for is finally starting to come out. This new feature of WhatsApp is multi-device support. With the help of this feature, users will be able to run WhatsApp simultaneously on four different devices other than the phone. What’s special is that the company offers this feature with end-to-end encryption, even though the WhatsApp account is linked from different devices, which does not affect user privacy.

WhatsApp is able to run even if the phone is not active
The multi-device support feature is that users can enjoy WhatsApp chat on other devices such as a laptop or desktop even if the phone is not active or connected to the Internet. However, accessing WhatsApp on other devices requires an Internet connection. The company is currently rolling out this feature in the beta version.

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Will Cathcart tweeted the info
WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart tweeted about bringing out a multi-device support feature for the beta version via its official Twitter handle. He said in a tweet that users can enjoy WhatsApp’s desktop or web experience even if the phone is not active. The company has started rolling out the new feature by Wednesday.

Fixed version users should be able to switch to the beta program
The company initially made this feature available to users who are part of WhatsApp’s beta program. In the coming time, the company also plans to offer users of the stable version the option to switch to the beta version. In future days, this option may be offered in the Linked Devices screen.

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The device must be linked by scanning the QR code
Users receiving the WhatsApp Multi-Device feature will need to scan the QR code to access WhatsApp on devices other than the phone. Now we scan the linked device QR code to run WhatsApp on the laptop or desktop with the phone. Other devices require biometric visualization to link WhatsApp. The special thing is that users can log out of a linked device at any time and view their WhatsApp account on the linked device when it was last activated.

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