A new feature in Desi Twitter Koo, you can now type messages by speaking in your local language

Desi Twitter has added a new feature called ‘Koo’. With this feature, users are now able to type their message without writing it. This means users will now be able to type the message by speaking. You speak your thoughts and the words magically appear on the screen. All this is done by clicking the button without using the keyboard. The feature is that it supports all the regional languages ​​of the country. That is, typing in a smartphone to write a post is no longer required.

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The app should be able to type in these 7 languages
The app currently supports Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi. The company claims to be the first social media platform in the world to include ‘talk to type’ in all these regional Indian languages. With the introduction of this feature, users will be able to write messages easily. With such a feature, disadvantaged users are able and empowered to use the keyboard.

Speak your mind on the phone and you will see your own words
Koo co-founder Amaya Radhakrishna said this ‘Talk to Type’ feature is magical and will make creatives better for regional language creators. Users no longer have to type long views using the keyboard. All Indian-speaking people now speak their minds on the phone and the words magically appear on the screen. For people who find it difficult to write in local languages, this facility alleviates all their pain. You won’t find this feature on Facebook, Twitter or any global forum.

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This great feature is also available in the Koo app
Koo was created in March 2020 as a micro blogging platform in Indian languages. You cannot message any unknown Kuo users in Koo and if you want to message someone, you must get permission from them. You can chat with users only if they allow you to. More than 5.5 million users were added to it. The app is gaining rapid growth this year. The company said it was focusing on adding 100 million users.