Aaj Ka Panchang 26 August 2020: See Panchang on Shukla Paksha Ashtami today, auspicious and inauspicious times, Rahukal

Today is 26 August according to the Hindu calendar (Aaj Ka Panchang 26 August 2020). Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Shree Ganesh. Ganesha gives love to all the gods. Therefore, worshiping Ganesha on Wednesday brings eternal happiness and immense wealth. Worshiping the planet Mercury on this day is also considered very beneficial. Know today’s auspicious and inauspicious time and know how the planets move today.

26 August 2020 – Today’s Almanac (Aaj Ka Panchang 26 August)

Today sunrise-sunset and moonrise-moonrise

Sunrise: 05:56
Sunset time: 18:49
Moonrise: 13:27
Moonrise: 24:13

Hindu lunar date
1942 sherry

Vikram Samvat
2077 lover

Gujarati Samvat:

Bhadrapada – Amant
Bhadrapada – Complete

Star :

Anuradha – By 13:04

Today’s Karan:
By 10:39 pm
Child – until 21:58

Today’s Party: Shukla Paksha

Today’s sum:
Legalization – until 19:33

Today’s War: Wednesday

Today’s auspicious time

Abhijit Muhurta will remain till no one. The amrit kaal will last till 27:59 – 29:34 pm.

Today’s inauspicious time

Dermuhurta will last till 11:57 – 12:48 pm. The taboos muhurta will last till 18:34 – 20:08. Rahukaal will remain till 12:23 – 13:58 pm. The Gulik period will last from 10:47 – 12:23, while the Yamagand will remain until 07:36 – 09:11.

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