Aari Arjuna’s Remuneration For Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Will Stun You!

With just one day to go and the mini screen audience will witness the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. The undisputed winner of the popular reality show is chosen based on the votes of viewers.

What’s special is that the fifth runner-up of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Gabriella Charlton, on the 102nd day, has raised Rs 5 lakh. Exited the show after receiving a cash prize.

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Will Aari Become The Winner Of BB Tamil 4?

Now, the five finalists of BB Tamil 4 are Aari Arjuna, Ramya Pandian, Soma Shekhar, Balaji Murugadoss and Rio Raj. Interestingly, there are ulations and predictions that Ari has more chances of winning the show title. Let us tell you that the Kollywood actor has immense fan following on social media and his followers have been supporting him ever since he entered his house.

Aari’s Remuneration

If reports are to be believed, Aari, who has been a part of the cinema since 2005, is making Rs 2 lakh a week for Bigg Boss Tamil 4. Charging. If so, the seasoned hopeful competitor will take her home for 15 weeks (106 days) for a total of Rs 30 lakh.

Aari’s Stints In BB Tamil 4

Aari Arjuna impressed the audience with his calm, assertive temperament and support gesture towards other contestants. His more mature and straightforward attitude was often misunderstood by the contestants, which was later cleared by Kamal Haasan over the weekend episode.

The short-screen audience was very impressed with their goodwill with Sanam Shetty and Anita Sampath. On the other hand, Aari’s verbal quarrel with Balaji, Ramya Pandian and Samyukta Karthik are some of the highlights of the season. The entry of their daughter Rhea and wife Nadia during Family Week is an emotional moment for Ari and her myriad fans.

On a related note, the final game of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 will be held on January 17, 2021 from 6pm.

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