Aatma Bandhan 20 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Maatangi Digs The Ghost Matter

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Aarti screamed in fear. Bhavani and Vaidya come there and ask Aarti why she screamed if she burned the plant. They plant another basil. Bhavani thinks she was watered down a few days ago, it was fine. When she went to the roof that day, it looked like someone pushed her. She was confused about unusual events. After everyone is gone, Aarti asks Cheeru why she does this. Cheeru wants Arati to sing for them only, but not for these gods.

In the hall, the queen scolds Aarti for causing this ill omen. She tells Aarti to stay home, she and Waida are going to her friend’s daughter’s wedding and Bhavani should be busy.

Matangi Agori Baba stood in front. She tells him that Aarti has opened the temple door. Located inside the ghost house. It won’t let anyone in the family tell you about it. Baba says something in Sanskrit. Matangi understands, its birth and death, rebirth and death again. Matangi before he understood Baba leaves in quick steps.

Arathi was in the room. The curtains move and she hears the creek in the door. She turns and the movement disappears. She turns to read the book again, and the movement begins again. She looks out the window. Suddenly, the chair behind her rocks. Aarti sat down to read again but could not concentrate. Arathi comes to the dressing table. A stool comes from behind her, forcing her to sit down. The armchair moves closer and begins to rock. Aarti tries to touch it and stops rocking the chair. She was sentimental. She loosens her grip and the chair rocks again. She puts her hand on the arm of the chair again. He knows Arati will talk to Cheeru. She wants to see his face only once; She wants to know what she wants.

Matangi comes to the temple and takes the holy book from there. She reads the meaning of words uttered by Baba. It reads, sleep in the womb of the mother. She wonders if the scream will be reborn. She was tense at the thought. Something followed Matangi.

Aarti notices that she left the chair. He picks up a book and brings it to Aarti. It was a story book. Aarti understands that he wants her to read it. The chair rocks again. Earlier, when she wanted to read him books, Aarti cried out that he was hiding in a wardrobe or bed. Now, he wants her to read these poems.

She begins to read, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The scream starts to cry out loud. Aarti asks if he is crying because she is crying. Arathi wipes tears and tells her not to cry. He says his return shows that they cannot separate from each other. She sings to him lullaby, poems and stories. She’s reading now, Jack and Jill…

Matangi wonders what if she misunderstands it. She should inquire about the hidden subject and then tell Arati. Agori stood behind Baba Matangi. He closes the book at Matangi’s house and says something else in Sanskrit. Matangi does not understand the meaning. Baba turns to leave. Matangi hurriedly collects the beads of Rudraksha. She decides not to repeat the mistake she made earlier. She is very owly to Aarti. Maybe her chance to repay it. She somehow helps Aarti. She confronts evil spirits with this Rudraksha.

Matangi held Rudraksha at the main door, hoping that it would help the house. Bhavani and Kriparkar reach the house. He asks Matangi if anyone has come here. Matangi says that the same Baba, Agori took Cheeru with him. Bhavani says she died in a screaming accident when she was last seen. Kriparkar decides to call the police. Matangi says this is not the case, they may have come for begging.

Kriparkar noticed that she had hidden something in his hand. She was hesitant to open it. Arati came to see all this. Matangi finally opens his hand and shocked himself by seeing the stones in it. Arati comes to her rescue as Matangi is sent for these stones. Chaitra got bored and she decided to teach her old games. Kriparkar warns Arati to stay away from this Matangi. Something moves behind them to scare everyone.

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