Aatma Bandhan 23 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru Attacks Chaitra

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The serial begins as Chaitra arrives at the lounge and seeks Aarti’s food. She lay on the bed.

Matangi shares with Aarti that her fears are coming true. She made it clear that ghosts only come for revenge. A mother’s love for her child is not wrong but it is a sin that tends to sacrifice the whole family life.

Arati says she does not want to lose her son and his family. Her son tells her he loves her, he insists on eating with her hands and asks her to sing lullaby. Matangi claps her hands and forces Aarti to allow Shirou to walk. Suddenly, a door was locked. Matangi was terrified.

In the room, Chaitra’s foot flies in the air. Chaitra cries for mommy’s help.

Arati and Matangi were locked in the room. Aarti was upset that the scream should be angry. He told her not to share it with anyone. He is afraid of Chaitra. Matangi calls Bhawani and Vaidya for help. The ban on Aarti Matangi that the whole family may know about screaming and cause more trouble.

Chaitra was dragged to the door in her room. The door to her room was locked.

Aarti and Matangi unlock the door using hairpin. Ashok sits outside and asks where Aarti has gone. He brought her food. Matangi says she slipped and called for Aarti’s help. Aarti asks Ashok to leave her food in the room. Ashok apologizes for Arathi’s misbehavior.

Matangi ran upstairs to Chaitra’s room and opened the door. Chaitra’s room is found in chaos when she is not. Matangi looked around and was shocked to see Chaitra. She screamed for Aarti.

Ashok bites Aarti on the table. Arathi tells her that she will eat it herself. Ashok asks if he doesn’t like her feeding him. Apologies for their behavior. Aarti understands that there are already a lot of tensions at home.

Aarti says she is full. She takes Chaitra to her room for food because she must be back from school. She brings food to Chaitra’s room. The terrified Matangi jumps down the washroom door and looks at Chaitra’s hairy crowd. Aarthi hurries towards the door, opens it and helps Chaitra outside. Chaitra’s nose bleeds. Aarti tries to wake up Chaitra and forces Matangi to talk to her.

Matangi had her heart rate normal. She sprinkles water on Chaitra’s face to wake her up. In the room, Ashok asks Aarti what happened to Chaitra. Why her nose is bleeding. Aarti and Matangi look at each other. The accused lied to Ashoka that she was sliding in the washroom.
Waida and Bhavani come to Chaitra’s room. Aarti tells Vaidya that she has gone in the bathroom.

Jaisima says a person dies if they slip into the bathroom. The Queen says that there are always problems at home, because she did not perform the Peace of Worship. Bhavani’s parents have already informed her about this and they argue that they have decided to handle it. Arati shouts at them to stop the argument. Vaidya says that Chaitra is weak, and the blood is due to the warmth of her body. Chaitra wakes up screaming: No, please don’t harm me.

Arathi embraced Chaitra. Ashok asks Chaitra what happened. Aarti says she is fine, but Ashok scolds her for sitting in silence. Chaitra hugged Ashok and went to the washroom and slid into it. Arati was relieved. Ashok also slid into the door of the Chaitra washroom yesterday, which is why it happens regularly. Chaitra hugged Ashok again. She thinks its screaming, but her mummy has forbidden her to tell anyone.

In the room, the queen was Kurt who needed to throw Bhani out of the house. She will not let Bhavani have a house. She needs to prepare for the scream shrad. She doesn’t know whether the screaming ghost is wandering around the house or not, and she runs Shradd before planning. It is important to prove his position at home. The door behind her closed. She tries to open it, but it is locked.

Aarti locks the door of her room. She calls him screaming because she needs to talk to him. No screaming. Aarti asks Chirula why he acts like an enemy. She promised to not love Chaitra, so she didn’t.

How the scream can break his promise. He must remember how much Chaitra loved him. She did not go to school without him, and did not fight with him. Then why does he still tease her. The lights in the room shone. Aarti tells Cheeru to speak, why he does so.

The armchair starts to rock. Chaitra says that Arathi was crying because of Chaitra’s pain but Arati didn’t even cry. She must have saved him while he was drowning.She doesn’t love him because he’s disabled. Aarti cries that she loves him so much. Cheeru Arathi always told everyone that she only had one daughter. She wished he was dead in his womb. Aarati asks as she screams at the ear.

Aarti cries that she never loved him, she does now? He wants to eat with her hands. Arathi was silent. Cheer says, Papa, Dadu and everyone else wants to send him away from here. Aarti cries that she has banned everyone. Crying cries that he doesn’t want to leave Arati, he wants to live with her. Arati thinks who has filled Cheeru’s heart with hatred for her and Chaitra.

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