Abhudhayayi scheme for free training: Pragya Raj’s disciple Singh Rathod asked CM Yogi what to do with concentration

Abhudayanaye plans for free training: Prayagraj has created an environment for competitive exams, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He saw it in Kumbha 2019 and realized it. When the contestants went to the camps during the day to prepare for the night, the saints sang hymns and sermons, bathed at the confluence and enjoyed the treasury. CM thanked all the competitors who competed in the competition and created an atmosphere of competitive examination. The Chief Minister said this at the inauguration of the Chief Minister’s Abhidhamma project online at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. To the question of Prayagraj’s Shagha Singh Rathod. CM said that Prayagaraj was a city of religion, knowledge and justice.

At the opening ceremony, Chief Minister Prayagaraj spoke to contestants from Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Meerut and Varanasi. Shyya Singh Rathod of Prayagaraj asked CM what he should do for concentration in the study. CM said I was a yogi. The yogis believe that the people of this country rely heavily on luck. But a person like me believes that with luck, there must be hard work and hard work. Diligence and diligence must also be a public welfare. Only work done with it can bring positivity. There should be a restraining routine for positive thinking. Often competitors read late and wake up late in the morning. This sequence creates an imbalance in the routine. It affects health. Responding to the question of pupil Singh Rathod, CM said that the purpose here is not just coaching but positive thinking. A person can become a long-term worker by looking after his own health.

The idea of ​​Abhudaya came from students trapped in Kota and Prayagaraj
Varanasi student Kapil first asked the chief minister how the idea of ​​a revival project came to his mind. Thousands of students were trapped in Kota and Prayagaraj during the lockout, the chief minister said. Getting them to a safe house was challenging. For this he told the officers to drive the bus. About 14,000 students have been sent home from Prayagaraj, the CM said. Although people protested at the time, the students reached the safe house. At the same time, the idea was that if such a system existed in every district, people would go to study. When he told this to the authorities, the officers made a plan. The CM said there was no shortage of talent. We also bring in the best faculty and even the experienced officers will guide you. It is currently being opened at Divisional Headquarters. In the next phase, such training will be provided in all districts.

Teachers in Delhi told the curriculum
The session was followed by CM’s interaction with the program. Collector Bhanu Chandra Goswami, CDO Sipu Giri and all the officials started the program by lighting the lamp. The DM asked the competing students to continue to cheer. At the same time, R Kumar, from Delhi’s IAS, informed about the curriculum of the Union Public Service Commission (UPA). He explained how to do study and time management. About 150 students were present at the event. 71 students belong to Har Narayan Singh PG College. There are 55 girls and 16 students, ”said Principal Dr Ajay Govind Rao.

Classes will be held at GGIC, DPO will take classes
Classes will be held at GGIC on the first day under the auspiciousness plan. The class will be held in two of the GGIC’s Smart Classes, which will operate near the medical college. On the first day, DPO Pankaj Mishra will teach. A more detailed schedule will be released. Pankaj Mishra has made a special contribution to designing her curriculum.