Actress Naina Singh is upset about the makers of ‘Bigg Boss-14’, speaking after the show – Ignore my side story

Actress Naina Singh, who appeared as a wild card contender in Bigg Boss-14, has expressed her displeasure with the makers of the show. At the show, Naina says the makers showed Bigg Boss as a ‘bimbo’ who didn’t do anything at home. Naina was fired two weeks after entering Bigg Boss-14.

Speaking to The Times of India, Naina Singh said the makers of Bigg Boss-14 did not show their side story on the show. Show Naija Khan and Shardul Pandit’s Struggle Story and questioned the makers of Naina for ignoring their story.

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He said, “If the makers were highlighting Aizaz and Shardul’s struggles and personal lives, why did they ignore my side story? At least don’t mislead me. Tell me the side story too. Those things show me what I said. Showed. “

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Naina said the manufacturer has shown a way to worry about her expensive outfit. “What I hate most about my journey is that my personal life or work has not been shown to what I am saying. But he only showed that Naina was a make-up and an expensive one,” he said. There is trouble and home about the dress. Does he know about my struggle, whether I am depressed or not? Does he know how far I have come? “